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Stock Market Tumbles After China Devalues Yuan in Response to Trump Tariffs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/stock-market-tumbles-after-china-devalues-yuan-response-trump-tariffs

Patel is in error.
USA has financial manipulations also.
In late 1956, Ike broke the bank of England which got the PM out.
England and France had peace treaty with Nassar of Egypt about Suez canal behind his back.
Something about: do not get mad, get even!!

This Trump guy is a looney tune. He cancles the Nuclear treaty with Iran , proscribes snactions against that Country in violation of that treaty and then complains that Iran is not honoring its terms. He calls Mexicans rapists and murderers and thhn comlains about people spreading hate. He places tariffs on Chinese goods in defiance o various treaties and whine when China reacts. He indicates the US is pulling out of the INF treaty and then insists Russia honor its terms.


Trump may be clinically insane, but hes the most popular republican president in the last century. While many republican right wing legislators don’t like his policies both in the congress and senate, they refuse to challenge him because they know that their voting base is in the midst of a passionate love affair with him. Every christian, Narcissist, CEO, Millionaire, Crooked cop, White Supremacist, and Inbred, straw-biting hillbilly on the continent would happily lay their own life down and those of their families and loved ones in order to to defend him and his policy. Since Democrats are basically republicans under another name, none of them want to piss off their right wing extremist financiers by actually challenging him in a meaningful way. In the meantime the entire democrat voting base anxiously awaits the golden opportunity to elect Biden into office, certain and convinced of the swift resolution of every pressing issue, and all at the very moment Trump leaves office, and a right wing extremist democrat replaces him.


President Caligula destroys everything he touches. It’s our turn I guess


China can collapse the US stock market with all the US government bonds it is holding.


HUBRIS is a fatal flaw, Donald Trump------I guess that you forgot that China has actual gold backing their money and we have-- hmm ----oh we have Boeing’s 737s and a military with NO accounting skills— and Israel will back us up -----until we run out of money----and ----no -never mind--------we are really screwed-
I guess more American job layoffs will be coming now that the American products will cost more------maybe this will give the Trump lovers pause ----when not only do they not have jobs----- but they won’t be able to afford Walmart,


So if the stock market goes up, it’s thanks to Trump. But if it collapses, it’s China’s fault?


There is no fate America deserves more than to have is artificially propped up economy collapsed by the Chinese trading in all of their US Treasury Bonds. What perfect Irony that something totally above board and legal as exchanging their bonds could completely wipe out all traces of american economic hegemony and leave the US as a third world nation with a vast and quickly fading unpaid professional military. I wonder how long US troops would continue if they had no continued means of paying their mortgages, car payments, and alimony back home.


I wonder why is China holding punches so far. I suppose they could spend that cash elsewhere if they could ever collect on it.

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“I wonder why is China holding punches so far.”
The Chinese economy is largely dependent on the US economy, and such an act would have a negative impact on them as well. Still, it isn’t impossible to imagine they would take such measures if pushed far enough. I don’t think the great negotiator in Washington would have any clue what “far enough” is, before it was too late.


Walmart the undoing of the American manufacturing base and offshoring of tens of millions of our once well paying jobs. Broken families, youth on methamphetamine and other killer drugs due mainly to lack of better paying jobs. Smaller cities and towns across America with boarded up buildings that used to house local businesses. Homeless people pushing carts or bags on their backs out in severe weather conditions without access to healthcare or decent public housing while the 10% elites own ever growing portion of the wealth of our nation.


If people don’t fall for it being China’s fault, he will go to plan B…anything that goes wrong is Obama’s fault.


Corporations are the enemy of the middle-class


corporations are peoples too
supreme court said so.

Many American corporations are ethical, pay a living wage with full benefits.
Products are high quality and customers acquire genuine value when purchasing
their products. It all depends on the elected board of directors who establish policy,
hire managers, and have the experience, and foresight to prosper.

the other type are schemers, like real estate folks - trump, the junk bond king is prime example.


Bring’n it all back home. Trump been prod’n Russia too with his artsy deals, while everyone still thinks he’s doin their bidding. Almost all of the people are fooled (the ones on MSM anyway)…for how long??? Sorry it’s a little off topic.

I mean you can’t say the national defense establishment is all Democrat, can you? And yet that thing, as Nader and Michael Klare point out…seems to be preparing for WAR with Iran, China, and Russia. What are the Pub excuses? And how can it be that the Dems in that thing are try’n to prove Bannon on point? Ya got me.

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Trump is toxic in his current position. He does not belong there.

Won’t somebody please figure out how we can remove him.

Quickly before anyone else has to die.


Bring it on home…


The answer is already in front of us in the form of Bernie Sanders but the Dems are going to do everything in their power to stop him.


Perhaps, MCH.

But, even more people are watching this time.

I can’t tell you why, but this time, I bet things will be different.