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Stoking Chaos, Trump Campaign Lies to Supporters That It Has Won Pennsylvania as President Tweets 'Stop The Count!"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/stoking-chaos-trump-campaign-lies-supporters-it-has-won-pennsylvania-president

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idiot’s going to get some shots fired the longer this drags out. those rubes really believe this stuff so they think they’re “saving” democracy.

all these lies flying about. they come with bills, regardless of what party tells them. now we’l see how much we have to pay for this one.


That’s was always his plan.


“Stop the count”. If that isn’t a signal to disrupt/attack the counting stations i don’t know what is. I hope those counters/stations are protected.


The violence he has tried to stoke to in streets did not form up, now he, Individual-1 must cum up with plan 2.


More fascist authoritarian intimidation from the Trump Army.
In Arizona, where Trump is behind, they’re armed and screeching, “count all the ballots.”
In other states, when Trump is ahead, they screech, “stop counting the ballots.”
Cleary, half of America is ripe for a fascist dictator like Trump.


All of these and other Trump supporters’ antics are only more proof that fascists do not respect constraints of any kind–legal, ethical or otherwise. The armed right-wing militia who show up at polling stations to intimidate voters, corruption of the vote count, verbal and armed threats directed against poll workers–these are classic fascist tactics and need to be identified as such.

One of the lessons of history reflected here is that you do not sign peace treaties with fascists because they have no intention of honoring them. Look at the countries that signed peace treaties with Hitler prior to World War II. He attacked every one of them.

The fascist threat in our own country needs to be identified more directly by the mainstream media, and safeguards need to be implemented to avoid a right-wing tidal wave of violence in our country.


Yes, Trump is doing his best to control the narrative. The big question is whether the Democrats and especially the judicial system are up to the task of stopping him from controlling the election.


Proud Boys may be idiots, but they cannot wait to cause a rebellion if Trump loses to Biden,


They may be waiting for Trump to change his tweet from stand by to start marching and attacking people in the streets. And if that happens one has to wonder if the local and state police are up to the task of stopping them.


They don’t need permission from Trump, look at what happened in Portland?

would trmp allow ‘a fracker for every community’ in PA ? would Biden ?

Pittsburg is Alleghany county and swears in 3 election officials Friday morning at 9 AM.
They are not counting any ballots today.
So the county stays in play.
Too many provisional ballots were cast. Nor how many citizens will come in with address proof.
Not sure how this will effect the CNN watch on Philadelphia vote counting.

They are using the warehouse to do the Friday count so that there is plenty of room for observers, reporters, poll workers.

I think states should mail a generous check to all the terrific citizens who have volunteered and worked so hard this week across our nation in polls and counting. $200 each ??


The ones showing up at the counting shouting “stop the count” should be jailed for intimidation, which is a species of assault.

Allegheny county is usually a Dem stronghold.

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Appears, Trump is suing the states where he is ahead to stop counting
and suing the states where he is behind to keep counting.

Regretfully, one of them will be the POTUS…

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I fully expect Pittsburg area to be democrats.
The Steelers true fans are really regular people.
Not the arrogant, snooty gentrifiers.
And they all have cousins in Cleveland area to visit with on a certain fall Sunday game day.
True, due to old steel mill salary employees being transferred. US Steel as an example.
Duquesne (Slovak dancers I enjoy)
Carnegie Mellon for engineers.

Pittsburgh has already transformed to what a city is supposed to be.
A center for medical, governance, legal, education.

Akron, Ohio has done the same.

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That, in a nutshell ,describes the chaos and confusion of these bewildering Trumpster Divers. They claim to be uber patriots yet haven’t a clue how they violate our constitutional mandates.

Who are the rest of us supposed to be, or act like? The VC, the Taliban, ISIS, Alkida, Iranians, Palestinians, or what?
Donny the child, just refuses to take his medicine. And after it’s all over he won’t be ashamed of his childish behavior.
The ever constant lying is making me sick. Will we ever come back from the abyss?

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That would certainly be shakin’ time for us.