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Stone Mountain, Georgia: The Flashpoint Now at Center of Confederate Monument Removals

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/05/stone-mountain-georgia-flashpoint-now-center-confederate-monument-removals


Kowardly Klan Kriminals will not show their faces, because they are traitors and haters being swept into the dustbin of history.


It’s not a downtown statue. Only people who want to view this thing will see it.
I didn’t know people celebrated traitors other than trump.


Removing statues and changing the names of professional sports teams is great and all, but this is only symbolic change. This will not appreciably improve the lives of the average person of colour in America. That would require real, concrete measures such as UBI, universal health care, etc.


The essential notion of neoliberalism – that property rights are more fundamental and more important than human rights – was also at the heart of Confederate economic-political ideology.

Today, the notion that property rights are more fundamental than human rights is part of the dominant ideology of the United States government, and of nearly every government of the world.

Given that neoliberalism has conquered the United States… given that the apotheosis of property over humanity – precisely what the Confederacy stood for – is now the planet’s ruling dogma… one can only conclude that the Confederacy won the Civil War… in the long run.

So, rather than removing monuments to Confederate philosophy, perhaps U.S. politicians should embrace honesty and candor, and advocate for building more Confederate monuments. Perhaps a replica of Stone Mountain should be constructed in Washington, DC.

If, on the other hand, U.S. citizens wish to cleanse their nation of monuments to Confederate thinking, I suggest that they shift their focus away from mere symbolism.

People are not disposable. People are not property. People are more important than property. One human family. One Earth.

It doesn’t matter how many monuments are removed. Confederate/Neoliberal thinking will not be eliminated until the ruling class is driven out of Washington, DC.



Let me ask you this: do you think black people prefer jobs or the removal of confederate monuments?

Do you think black people prefer access to affordable healthcare or the removal of confederate monuments?

Do you think black people prefer better wages or the removal of confederate monuments?

Do you think black people prefer a social safety net or the removal of confederate monuments?

I am not saying removing those monuments is bad, but if it is not accompanied by real meaningful systemic changes on the economic level they are nothing more than hollow gestures. They are wasting too much energy, political capital and time on their removal instead of working on actually improving the lives of black people - or anyone who is struggling for that matter. This shit is not food on the table for black people, it isn’t fair wages, it isn’t healthcare or clean air or clean drinking water. Of all the so much more important things we should fighting Republicans on (or corporate interest), of all the things that should be top priorities, it is this useless, bullshit virtue signaling stuff that costs no one anything. I call this misplaced priorities. And not just misplaced, but wasted. Reducing BLM to this is insulting. No one should be ok with this.


Indeed, save the energy to tear down the Republican Party.


the democrats welcome this because its a good distraction from their own corporate fealty.


There is nothing wrong with the Stone Mountain Monument that some rappelling ropes and sand blasting equipment would not solve!

The park officially opened to the public on April 14, 1965 — the hundredth anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. That pretty much says it all!


My biggest fear is more of the usual nonsense you get from corporate America which is to side with the 99% and demand racial justice, tearing down racist symbols and condemning the KKK while ignoring the important stuff like eradicating poverty, ending mass incarceration, defunding the military and police, raising minimum wage and providing free and equal education for everyone.
Instead the media will pretend that our corporate politicians were “outraged” and will support every demand that these statues get torn down immediately. But when it comes to getting to the root of the problem, no one in D.C. will lift a finger.



This is by design. It is the job of the media to act as if meaningful change was brought about by the MSM’s constant pressure to correct our racist history. In reality ALL the changes we see are cosmetic and nothing more but we are led to believe that we are all turning a major corner in our quest for social equity and justice. I wish I could read accurate polls that define just how many people fall for such nonsense. In any case, we have a long way to go before we can replace our corporate lackeys in government with real people who are not beholden to special interest groups.


Some day we may want to build a granite monument, statue, or building. By then we may have lasers that will cut this sucker up into building blocks.


Several years ago I was in Atlanta, GA doing some work. I knew nothing about Stone Mountain but me and my training partner were looking for something to do so we saw it in a hotel brochure and said, “Let’s drive over there and see it because they’re having some sort of pageant tonight.” We arrived and parked and were in for the shock of our lives. We couldn’t believe that they were having this pageant honoring confederate heroes. We stayed and watched it and drove back talking about what a trip that was. That’s when I knew that the South had not gotten over the Civil War. It was crazy to watch that. Kudos to all those BLM protesters who marched at Stone Mountain. Time for all of this stuff to end. We’ve got to move on.


Trump’s admin has the reputation and desire to exploit protected sights for private profit. Anything exploitable in Stone Mountain? I would suspend my horror this one time if this meant leveling it.

There’s a whole racial mythology behind the artwork. It’s always possible to destroy the artwork, but it might be more productive to incorporate the artwork into a process of explaining how the racial mythology once worked, along with the consequences that happened in real life. One of our goals is to have nobody actually believing the racial mythology anymore. This mural makes the past more real.

The Bayeux Tapestry is a 1000 foot glorification of the killing of an English army by the invading Norman French army. The tapestry had a political agenda. Long ago the victors’ political agenda faded to nothing but now the tapestry is a national treasure.

Actual belief in American Nazi mythology was once low enough that if you were dressed as a Nazi 40 years ago then you could probably charge quite a bit for sexual acts.

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How about travel expenses being exploited by the trumpeezies. We get to fund trump’s reelection bid involuntarily.

The article notes that:

“On Saturday, a predominantly Black group of heavily armed protesters marched through the park, calling for removal of the giant Confederate rock carving at the site considered a monument to racism. The group, known as the Not F***ing Around Coalition (NFAC) was comprised of several hundred people, all dressed in black.”

Walking around a park with guns is not a very smart thing to do as it puts the protesters on the same level as white supremacists and those who object to facial coverings when they try to intimidate people with their assault weapons.

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Unless we think we have another MLK non violent movement in us this how it will sort out .

You seem awfully smug that the former can be achieved without the latter. These symbols of racism empower racists. Their removal powers the political change needed to achieve those jobs, healthcare, wages and social safety nets.

I don’t think you appreciate how political change comes about. The civil rights protests in the 60s didn’t directly deliver benefits, but it did bring about the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Extermination of racist symbols today can have the same follow on effect. You should off your high horse and get into the streets.


There are heavily soiled tighty-whities all over 'muriKKKa caused by that picture of heavily armed black people. “But pa, I thought you said the second amendment was only for white folk?” Socialist Rifle Association must be smiling.