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'Stop at Nothing' Plan to Destroy Nation's Union Power Includes $80 Million Koch- and Walmart-Funded War Chest


'Stop at Nothing' Plan to Destroy Nation's Union Power Includes $80 Million Koch- and Walmart-Funded War Chest

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Less than a week after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) unveiled legislation to strengthen trade unions across the United States, a new report reveals that a network of right-wing think tanks—funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers and the heirs to the Walmart fortune—has launched a nationwide campaign to destroy labor groups and undermine American workers' rights.


I’m just waiting for the union steelworkers in Seattle to back this “union reform” movement…


The brittle acidic cynicism of Charles Koch stating that he wants to see less centralized power, claiming that is why he funds so many millions into PACs is matched only by closing the statement by licking his lips and smiling. You cannot make this stuff up.

like a lizard warming its belly under the klieg lights of a media bought and paid for by fossils sucked out of the ground and blissfully blown into the lungs of people unfortunate enough to be subjected to their ever so ‘classy’ version of effete



Ahh, the Koch brothers again. The backroom fascists…


Trying to beat Big Money with its own political system is tilting at windmills. Its a bullshit world and money buys a lot of bullshit.

Direct Democracy



They won’t be happy until the Walmart “associates” have to fight each other to tell me in which aisle the pork rinds are so that the first one to me keeps their job.


Roll over and go back to sleep. People who say it can’t be done take a back seat to those who are already doing it.


Meanwhile, three states with teachers unions who went out on strike for better working conditions prove you wrong.


this has nothing to do with Corporations or “Fascists”. This movement is targeting public sector unions which usurp Democracy.

 It has nothing to with preventing “usurping Democracy.”  If that were the case, they would work to prohibit lobbying by corporations that benefit from government contracts.  For example, my tax dollars are forcibly extracted from me and re-distributed to the military industrial complex, which then uses some of that money to lobby Congress and bribe politicians to keep the gravy train rolling.  Unlike union members who have the option of looking for a non-union job in order to avoid paying union dues, my money is taken from me no matter where I work.


It seems the Koch brothers’s secret plan to remake America so that the rich can pay very low taxes and wages isn’t so secret anymore. Can they still pull off this radical plan in full view? Their crowning achievement would to be to get enough states controlled by Republicans to call a constitutional convention. To completely revise the Constitution in their favor which would really finally be the permanent end of the left in the US with its concerns about economic equality and justice, public health, and so forth. The majority of American would then just live in poverty and ill health and simply suffer with their fate. No longer would the government have a role in helping the less fortunate. Instead the government will be able to concentrate on military matters and putting down social unrest would be expected to be a very common occurrence as the lives of tens of millions would become unbearable with no legal recourse.


“Backroom”? Looks to me like they’re right out front and proud of it.


A-bleepin’-MEN, Bro! Saw and responded to this same canard on another CD article a day or two ago.

“Liberty, equality, fraternity,” and democracy itself (or “republican government,” if you prefer) do not entail absolute freedom of everybody to do anything in any situation. Quite the opposite: popular government entails that most citizens take responsibility for their own actions AND refrain from acting against the common good. The common good is in fact precisely what capitalism denies, recognizing only individual good. Adam Smith, An Inquiry . . ., p. 485 in the Cannan Edition reprinted by Modern Library, 1994.


As if we needed any further reminder that we are indeed engaged in a very serious class war to the death. But of course some people still don’t recognize it, because it’s only “class war” when we fight back–which of course we must do or else perish, n’est-ce pas? But beware–"Danger, Will Robinson!: This is highly asymmetrical warfare, in which we will continue to be defeated if we attempt to fight on their terms of mass violence.


What are you doing shopping at WalMart?


Shopping for pork rinds, of course. :rofl::rofl::rofl: