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Stop Blaming Individuals for the Spread of Covid and Start Blaming the Government Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/24/stop-blaming-individuals-spread-covid-and-start-blaming-government-response

Why try to solve a problem when there is so much potential profit in prolonging the problem ?

Steve Forbes & Stephan Moore should be told in no uncertain terms that a Biden/Harris victory will result in charges being brought against both of them. Just bring two books and throw them simultaneously. For their iniating, siding with and/or directing Trump Adm. policy.
" They paid their money and they took their chances. " Too bad but this was a zero sum death match.
This isn’t a tough call, really.

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Aren’t most of the remedies the author is calling for the House to pass already in the HEROES Act, which the House has already passed? It’s also already been nixed by the Senate.