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Stop Brutalizing Kids in the Classroom


Stop Brutalizing Kids in the Classroom

Dennis Parker

A turning point in the civil rights movement came in the spring of 1963 when the police and fire departments of Birmingham, Alabama, trained fire hoses and sicced police dogs on demonstrators protesting segregation at lunch counters and stores in that city. Though black people had long been the targets of such violence, particularly in the South, the presence of news cameras brought this shocking reality into the living rooms of people across the country for the first time.


I've been watching Selma. Wasn't able to see it in the theatre, but I can watch at home because I can borrow from our public library.

I imagine we think now, what my parents thought then. Your police forces are a bunch of bloody goons.

Of course, I can't throw stones very hard. Have you heard the stories coming out about the behaviour of the Quebec Provincial police forces? Gee, let's arrest you, rape you, then dump you off in the boonies during winter. I have no doubt that other police officers get away with that kind of crap here, there have been stories about the RCMP as well.

That makes me wonder if the missing aboriginal women weren't abducted by the police that are supposed to enforce the law. Makes me wonder if the reason the cops can't find the people who are being murdered or disappeared (not to mention those who murdered them) is because they've placed the murderer in charge of the investigation.