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Stop Calling the TPP A Trade Agreement – It Isn’t


Stop Calling the TPP A Trade Agreement – It Isn’t

Dave Johnson

This is a message to activists trying to fight the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Stop calling the TPP a “trade” agreement. TPP is a corporate/investor rights agreement, not a “trade” agreement. “Trade” is a good thing; TPP is not. Every time you use the word “trade” in association with the TPP, you are helping the other side.

“Trade” is a propaganda word. It short-circuits thinking. People hear “trade” and the brain stops working. People think, “Of course, trade is good.” And that ends the discussion.


I think this is the big one Barry was chosen for. And of course to extend and expand TARP. And divide the progressives and for icing confuse the heck out of black people who for some reason thought a multiracial man raised by white mid western grandparents while attending an elite school in one of the most exclusive places in the world would identify with them. That was cruel and TARP was criminal but I suspect this is the jewel that the banking cartels and multinationals are truly drooling over.


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Thank you, Mr. Johnson for laying this out and quoting other astute analysts.

This bears repeating:

“Stop calling the TPP a “trade” agreement. TPP is a corporate/investor rights agreement, not a “trade” agreement.”

To posters framing this sell-out as treason, that would make sense if our nation were not already beholden to a relative handful of corporate moguls who only use the U.S. for its post office address, if that. Their legal tax shelters and loyalties are FAR off-shore. But they bought Obama and the poster that called this grand heist the item The Betrayer was selected (and funded) for… is correct.


Spot on Yossarian,

Obamacare was the appetizer, TPP, and TTIP are the entree, and a world where 1% own everything and 99% own nothing is the elite’s eternal desert.

The legal definition of Obama doing so much harm to blacks is AFFINITY CRIME where the perpetrator gains the confidence and trust of other members of his nation, faith, race, or other common interest, for the purpose of perpetrating crimes that the victims would not usually leave themselves vulnerable to.


The TPP is an act of treason. Google “President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership should be called the Treason Act” and understand the logic.


Many of those who ridicule climate change deniers correctly point out that 99% of all PhD meteorologists agree that carbon dioxide is associated with rising global temperatures. However free-trade opponents do not consider the fact that that 99% of all PhD economists agree that free-trade and the TPP in particular will greatly benefit America and raise standards of living .

Protectionism is the progressivism of fools. Gandhi was a great statesman but a horrible economist. Just as the ignorant in the USA argue that American workers who earn $15 per hour should not have to compete with Chinese workers who make $2 per hour, Gandhi thought that Indian workers should not have to compete with American and European workers who have the benefit of modern machines. As a result India adopted protectionism. In 1947 the per capita income of India was similar to countries such a South Korea. By 1977 the per capita income and standard of living in South Korea was ten times that of India. India has since largely abandoned protectionism and has benefited immensely from free trade. Just as David Ricardo proved would be the case when he developed the concept of comparative advantage.

“…Equally unhelpful in terms of addressing the income and wealth inequality which results in the overinvestment cycle that caused the depression are various non-tax factors. Issues such a minimum wage laws, unwed mothers, globalization, free trade, unionization, problems with our education system and infrastructure can increase the income and wealth inequality. However, these are extremely minor when compared to the shift of the tax burden from the rich to the middle class. It is the compounding effect of shift away from taxes on capital income such as dividends each year as the rich get proverbially richer which is the prime generator of inequality…”
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