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'Stop Escalation': World Leaders Call on Trump to End Warmongering and Resume Diplomacy With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/08/stop-escalation-world-leaders-call-trump-end-warmongering-and-resume-diplomacy-iran

“It is in no one’s interests to turn up the spiral of violence even further,” added Josep Borrell, the EU’s head of external affairs.

Excuse me Mr. Borrell, it is definitely in the interests of the Amerikan, Fascists who want Regime change in Iran.


There IS a simple solution: Put POTUS et al in chains and Rendition them to Iran.   I.E.:

Turn Tweetle-Dumb & Associates Over To Tehran!!


From the article:

“British Labour lawmaker Lisa Nandy called on all world leaders to ‘stand up to Trump,’ offering a contrast to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement in support of the United States’ ‘right to protect its bases and personnel.’”

How about all world leaders standing up to the US and demanding that it shut down its 800+ bases around the globe and bring all its personnel home?


Boris Johnson would argue it OK for a Police officer who is beating the head in of a protestor with his fist to shoot that protester in self defense because the officers knuckles are being bruised by the blows against the protestors skull.

Here a clue to the clueless Johnson. If the USA did not have military bases in 100+ countries then maybe they would not be targets for attacks by people who do not want them in THEIR Country.


“The mandarins who spew the self-serving american exceptionalism are, as American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr called them and their ilk, the “bland fanatics of Western civilization” “who regard the highly contingent achievements of our culture as the final form and norm of human existence.”


Reporter: “Mr. Gandhi, what do you think of Western civilization?”

Mohandas K. Gandhi: “I think it would be a good idea!”


As it devours itself and the world.

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The U.S. may have a right to staff an embassy building, that’s it.


“Clowns to the right of me.
Clowns to the left of me
Here I am
Caught in the middle with you”

DC has the dumbest clowns you could ever elect to house, senate and white house.
They in turn, hire staff who are clowns!!

Any genuine accomplishment for the citizens is a happy accident.

The Art of the Deal: Kill 'em.

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So is there still a need to “stand up to Trump” now that he’s refused to answer the weak Iranian retaliation with further military action?

In the last hundred years we fought two world wars. We avoided one during the Cold War. But it’s dangerous for world leaders to assume we will avoid it this time around, like a game of Russian Roulette.



Absolutely goddamn right it is necessary to stand up to repute the trump monster, and to quote the great Usain Bolt, do it “All Day Every Day” until he/it is Gone Gone Gone!

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