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Stop Exploiting LGBT Issues to Demonize Islam and Justify Anti-Muslim Policies


Stop Exploiting LGBT Issues to Demonize Islam and Justify Anti-Muslim Policies

Glenn Greenwald

In the late 1990s, Eric Rudolph – raised Catholic and affiliated for a time with a Christian Identity sect – bombed abortion clinics and a gay bar, insisting they were venues of immorality and evil.


"Choose militaristic U.S. Presidents who represent social milestones of race and gender and suddenly their militarism seems to liberals to be more tolerable and even inspiring. Pretend that the war on Afghanistan is about feminism, and aggression toward Iran is about protecting LGBTs, and watch liberals melt with appreciation. Disguise anti-Muslim animus as pro-LGBT activism and one can quickly expand support for a neocon mentality and agenda into large sectors of western liberalism."

As usual, incisively insightful.

Thank you, Mr. Greenwald.


The architects of the onslaught on the MidEast just got another blank check to keep their plan moving forward.


The only good queer is a dead queer

And the best dead queer is one we can exploit for our own iniquitous ends


Plenty of CHRISTIANS right HERE CONTINUE to OPPOSE GLBT people. Over 200 LAWS PROPOSED (mostly at STATE level) to DENY GLBT basic rights in the last year. Plus: the INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE directed at GLBT people (#1 victims of hate crimes, followed by Latinos, Muslims--or people misteken for Muslims, like Sihks--& African-Americans).


Brave man, Glenn. I agree, but imagine you may come under some fire from your brothers and sisters on this.

Sympathies to the families.


I read that homosexuals are beheaded as some of the routine daily beheadings in the Saudi Kingdom, our allies in the struggle for freedom and democracy everywhere.


The Religious Right has something to do with homosexuality being a crime punishable by death in Uganda.


OK, it's always good to see someone trying to grasp the 'big picture" and I can't help enjoying hearing anyone call Brzezinsky a psychopath but I found it lacking in real depth and understanding. He focuses too briefly on the most important aspects, the how and whys of US funding of terrorists and not at all on others, the role of the US and Britain in the earlier days of the 20th Century.

There were also several head-scratching moments, especially when it comes to Orlando. There is almost no real discussion on this topic; he fails to even mention the LGBT aspect and perhaps most disturbing, he conflates the American-born shooter of the nightclub in Orlando with terrorists sneaking across the borders posing as refugees.

He says he will provide links and doesn't. He mentions Israel once but not Palestine and fails to recognize the occupation and the ongoing dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims as a continuing background to the current situation. The only political movement he mentions by name is libertarian.

His delivery is disturbing as he often has his hands curled, fist like and sways back in forth, in a way that looked to me like someone eager for a fight. Not very likely to persuade anyone to keep watching his not-clearly articulated position.

There's probably more one could comment on but somseone else will have to as I will not be watching this again.

Thanks for the link but I think it needs a very critical analysis to watch and in the end actually provided nothing new for those who are already aware of the issues, which might well apply to us at this site.