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Stop Fearmongering About 'Medicare for All.' Most Families Would Pay Less for Better Care.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/22/stop-fearmongering-about-medicare-all-most-families-would-pay-less-better-care

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The only ones against Medical for all either have their finger in the pie and get a cut from the for profit insurance industry or are people who are doing quite well financially and do not have to worry about health care costs.


The d-party hacks spreading the myths about EIMFA benefit by dividing the voters against themselves and by collecting fat donations from the healthcare industrial complex.

Yeah, I’m looking at you Mayor Pete Bog, you corporate sock puppet.

It would be just as easy to help, for instance, union members who negotiated for good health insurance to understand that they too will benefit from EIMFA, as it is scare them about getting kicked off their plan.

I’m looking at you, Sherrod Brown, you coward.


This is a Brilliant Assessment by: Pediatrician, Dr. Donald M. Berwick.

Unfortunately during the last Democratic Debate the moderators gave the author of the Medicare For All Congressional Bill, Bernie Sanders, only a few minutes to respond to the nonsensical Lies perpetrated by the Corporate Dems in the Pocket of the Private Health Care Insurance Industry.

Dr. Berwick has taken the time to explain the Benefits of Medicare For All and the Money it would save each and every American, by eliminating Exorbitant Administrative Costs.

A For Profit System of Health Care is absurd and will never give Americans the proper Health Care they need, because in the Capitalistic World, Profits come before People.



That might not entirely accurate. Families and individuals under chronic care of some kind will pay less. Healthy individuals that only shell out for insurance and do deductibles, copays etc will pay more.

The words profit, advertising costs, exclusions, co-pays, and deductibles do not belong in the same sentence with healthcare. Medicare for all is not just the fair and compassionate thing to do; it also happens to be the most practical and cost effective.


What keeps being left out of this discussion is that Medicare for All is universal, cradle to the grave health care. No more one day you’re in – next day you’re out health care. IOWs, gone will be the days of concern, loss of sleep, and bankruptcies from US private health care (insurance) that is for-profit, unequal and only covers about 2/3s of the country at any given time. With Medicare for All everyone will be covered from their first day until their last.


What most people are missing that for some unknown reason none of the candidates bother to mention is the cost of covering those without insurance. I’m no expert on this subject but at the very least this country should have a healthcare system that won’t lead to financial ruin when insurance doesn’t cover the costs of an illness. A road I’ve traveled and should any American be left with nothing but debt they can never hope to pay off after working their whole life hoping to someday retire with some semblence of dignity.

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