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'Stop Funding Climate Change!': Jamie Dimon Interrupted for Important Planetary Message

'Stop Funding Climate Change!': Jamie Dimon Interrupted for Important Planetary Message

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Climate activists interrupted JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Saturday to make a clear demand: "Stop funding climate change!"

Dimon was the key speaker at a morning session of the National Governors Association's (NGA) annual winter meeting, taking place in Washington, D.C. The session (pdf) was to "offer governors unique insights into the intersection of public policy and the modern economy."


It’s about time someone stood up to that rich ass-hole. Unfortunately, as with many others of his ilk, he is a sociopath incapable of remorse or any ability to hold his hideous policies up to the light of day. Not content with ruining the lives of many with his sub-prime mortgage scam, now he feels the need to pat himself on the back for his role in hastening us along on the path to extinction. Many nights I have prayed for his demise. He is a cancer on the planet.


“Jamie’s got a gun, stealing money is his fun…”


Climate Criminals-
Fossil Fuel Companies and those who conspire with Fossil Fuel Companies to Undermine THE GREEN NEW DEAL!


How is this serial criminal walking free? Why the Eff is this monster addressing the National Governors’ Association? (Of course that is something of a rhetorical question.)

Dimon should be in custody. JP Morgan Chase should be taken into public ownership.


…Jamie Dimon is a thief, a multi billion dollar thief. He steals from ALL of us and is PROUD of it. Fuck HIM and his destructive minions. These hedge fund n’er do wells are chumps, never take responsibility for their fucking actions…They deserve prison just like the rest of the GOP…


…Aggressively Stage 4 Malignant Cancer…he should be on the other side of the dirt…

The pressure is increasing and can only get worse as each one of us becomes more and more threatened by this lockstep march towards the abyss. At some point raw fear will take over.

I saw a list of all the criminal charges that were filed against J. P. Morgan/Chase in connection with the Wall Street Meltdown of 2008. It was incredible! Multiple type written pages with multiple columns single spaced and they weren’t minor charges. The creep never saw a day in jail and got a $11,000,000 raise to boot! Of course if you belong to the other 99% and get caught outside your own home with a joint or blood alcohol level greater than 0.08 you go straight to jail. Why Der Pumpkinfuhrer feels the need to tout his Red MAGA hats ( the new and improved design of the white pointed hood) beats me. It seems like his America is already pretty damn great…if you happen to be of the Trump or Dimon Ilk that is.


Thought I’d send you a little treat of this beautiful Chevelle…1967. I believe you said you had one from the early 70’s, right?

Ahh, yes. Jamie Dimon. This cold-blooded asshole referred to the Great Recession of 2008 and beyond, which he and his fellow “financiers” helped to create and in which millions of people suffered, lost their homes, their livelihoods, etc, etc. as a “market correction”. Just another example of the Wall Street scum whose insufferable greed and corruption is, according to economist RIchard Wolff setting us up for another recession or worse. No reason for these money grubbers to worry. Trump the Klown will be glad to bail them out like Obama did and the whole damn cycle will start over again with them getting richer and richer. Of course the rest of the world could decide that the dollar will be replaced as the world’s reserve currency and then we will be REALLY screwed.


I had one of these. My mother-in-laws boyfriend gave it to us when our other car broke. It had a 283 auto. It was ugly green and a 4dr sedan on top of that. But free is free.

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Very soon, likely sometime during the next two years, Dimon and the rest of the parasites will one day dissapear into whatever luxury hideyholes they have created for themselves in order to escape the consequences of their actions.
It would be naive to imagine that they would not want to minimize the chances of angry starving mobs assaulting their sanctuaries.
For a psychopath, which most of the 1% are, the obvious solution would be to exacerbate climate disruption as much as possible and/or push for a nuclear war in order to neutralize potential future threats.

In either case not they will be spared from the hell. You can’t really hide in a hole for long when all your food water and air has been either blasted to hell or contaminated with radiation.


Wow! Pretty rig Pony!! I had a ‘69 Chevelle SS 396. Actually my father had a ‘67 Malibu converttable. Unfortunately he has always been one of those all show no go kinda guys so he ordered the factory standard 350 cu. in. engine with auto. transmission. He went and did the same darn thing in 1970 with a imitation GTO (a LeMans made to look like a GTO but with…you got it…350 cu. in. engine and auto trans.) We called it the LeGoat. Sigh Conservatives…always afraid of everything, including having a teenage hippie freak driving a muscle car;-)

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With just a 3d printer for a food source, a space shuttle with limited storage space could theoretically keep a crew alive in space for years. Water would be the deciding factor as far as duration goes.
Water is currently being stolen in metric tonnes all over the world under the guise of privatization, and not all of it is going back into circulation.
Bill gates for example has for years moved convoys of supplies to an arctic installation that is not on any known map.
Believe me, in spite of constant public denial they all know what is coming, and they will all have made contingencies for themselves.

You can put money away in a retirement fund for your retirement. If you’re under 20, that’s not good enough because you can’t put food away for the catastrophic worldwide hunger that you’ll have maybe 50 years from now.

Likewise, if you smoke you can quit now and add an average of 5 healthy years to your lifetime. If you’re grossly obese, don’t exercise and eat too much red meat you can avoid a heart attack at age 60 if you work at it. Well, do you want to live into your 80s on average or do you want to suffer a bad climate change death rather early?

I am wondering why you are not mentioning the fact that it was Obama who let all the bankers off the hook (and into his administration as per the Wikileaks email to him from Citibank virtually picking his cabinet). That’s not to excuse Trump. It’s to point out that the bankers own both Parties.

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Obama not only “let bankers off the hook”, he and Congressional Democrats put US taxpayers on the hook for around $20 trillion in bankster bailout schemes, and through Dodd/Frank (and other corporate welfare legislation with a few “consumer” goodies tossed in) increased too-big-to-fail banks’ (TBTF) share of US bank assets from 25% to 50% with no end in sight of their march to monopoly.

During the past two years Trump and the GOP controlled Congress watered down or eliminated Obama’s consumer goodies, while keeping his corporate welfare schemes and reducing TBTF taxes that is launching a regional bank merger wave that will increase the number of TBTF banks, so the next time Dimon and the rest of the cartel crash the economy taxpayers, social security and medicare recipients will pay a price far exceeding $20 trillion.

It is an exercise in futility trying to convince these Corporate Greed Mongers to shift their destructive policies.

We need to take control of Congress and the White House and elect people like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and put our country on a glide path toward a Greener Healthier World.