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'Stop Funding Ecocide': Extinction Rebellion Protesters Target London Financial District

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/14/stop-funding-ecocide-extinction-rebellion-protesters-target-london-financial

The battles and struggles to save Earth, our only home for the foreseeable future, will be hard and long. They may even get violent but that’s the price to pay to save Earth and her children form industrial capitalism; the real enemy. It’s high time to reassess all our actions that have devastating effects on our planet. Start with the militarization of the planet led by the US. The carbon footprint alone from that immense machine can’t be overemphasized in its destructive impact. Then go after the financial sector as they are doing in London. Start with Wall Street and then the American banks doing the same as the London ones. It’s good to finally see some real activist action. I find that it may be too late to avoid a massive collapse of global capitalism, but I just might be wrong also, we’ll soon see. Peace, All


Only beings of limited understanding would see profit in killing what supports and nourishes them.
It’s a raising of conciousness that must happen.
It’s good news that we are targeting the money changers .
A wise master did this a few millennia ago.