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'Stop Helping Trump Sabotage Our Democracy': McConnell Urged to Call Senate Back and Pass House Bill Reversing DeJoy Mail Changes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/stop-helping-trump-sabotage-our-democracy-mcconnell-urged-call-senate-back-and-pass

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McConnell, for his part, indicated over the weekend that he has no intention of allowing a vote on the Delivering for America Act


Mitch is just another Mafia Lieutenant, thug in the Mafia, Don’s…MAFIAOCRACY!


Moscow Mitch “calls the Senate back into session” only when his fuhrer wants to expedite the confirmation of more young fascist judges.


Mitch the fascist bitch, is just more proof of my contention that if we Progressives do not destroy the Republican, Party non-violently…THEY WILL DESTROY US VIOLENTLY!


Did he win his primary?

Why on earth is the Office of Management and Budget also sabotaging the Post Office? Trump enablers, no doubt.

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There are likely many payoffs involved with privatizing, starting with DeJoy.

If nothing else mcconnell is and has been self serving to the extreme, and his marriage to chao only confirms that. And then, you have to consider that he gleefully supports all of drumpf’s worst actions even when publicly he may say otherwise. He’s on board with a Russian mobster doing business in Kentucky. He’s the head of “the most dangerous organization in the world,” for crying out loud! mcconnell is a Saboteur! He’s a democracy arsonist! “Stop Helping,” are you kidding! For all we know he may have been in on the planning.