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Stop Legitimizing ‘Conservatism’: It's Not an Ideology – It's a Goddam Death Machine


Stop Legitimizing ‘Conservatism’: It's Not an Ideology – It's a Goddam Death Machine

David Michael Green

There’s no end to the maladies that ail American politics these days. It would, indeed, be far easier and quicker to identify what’s working than to itemize the travails that bedevil our pathetic polity in 2017. Altogether, if this country was a piece of art it would have to combine the orderliness of Pollock with the perceptual logic of Dali, all rooted in the joyful well-being of Hieronymous Bosch, in order to do justice to our times.


No mention of the Captured Media’s role in our National Mindset, and Situation.

No mention of the Dems taking the same Bribe Money as the Reps.

No mention of who has been calling the shots in the US since 1963.

Prof Green’s Daily Captive Audience probably fight to get into his Class.


But in 2020, we’ll hear a nominee from a certain party giving speeches about reaching across the aisle to create a “purple space” where we can can sing kumbaya and find bipartisan solutions to problems.

The D-Party decided it was better to follow Reagan, PNAC and the Koch Brothers rightward, rather than stand up for the working class. Now they stand for pretty much nothing. A political miscalculation of epic proportions.


his compulsive tendency to lie produces among the roughly forty percent of Americans who form his political base

rump’s base is not that big. Many of those went with the ‘not Hillary’ route and thought they were getting some sort of Bernie populism (I know…go figure). His core base is 20-25% of the population, at best. Let’s remember he did not even get 50% of the popular vote. And only about 50% of the voting age population voted, with many of those thumbing their nose at the establishment and the Democratic Party. Not exactly a mandate, no matter what the orange manchild thinks or says. If we can siphon the disillusioned away from these hard core extremists, then we may have a chance of righting this sinking ship.


47% according to Huffington Post pollster either approve of DT or undecided … it’s much worse than you state. Nearly 50% of USA citizens are mindless thugs, and looking around the world, overall it appears worse.


BRAVO, BRAVO Professor! Speak the truth and tell it like it is! Thank you for this essay that should be required reading!

Indeed: "I am sickened to live in a society that treats a malignant illness as just another legitimate point of view, when in fact it’s the very disease that is killing us. We don’t treat a heroin epidemic as an innocuous choice that some may opt for and some may reject. We don’t treat cholera as just another flavor of ice cream that some prefer while others go for strawberry. And we don’t welcome Nazism as a legitimate belief system that deserves the same consideration as any other old model of race relations a society might adopt. So why do we treat ‘conservatism’ like some harmless cup of tea that some choose over Earl Grey or Jasmine?"

The ‘conservative’ ideology is a mechanism to disenfranchise, to exploit, to discriminate, to despoil and destroy our Mother Earth, all Her natural systems, and all Her creatures ability to live, including humans, to steal/take from the wider human society to further a narrow, base, construct of greed and self interest above all else regardless the consequences! “racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, military aggression, environmental destruction and armed robbery of the 99 percent”

‘Conservatism’ is a cancer and parasite that is killing the host and must be destroyed…“It’s a murder weapon metastasized to global proportions.”

The ‘opposition party’ - the “feeble and ineffectual (on a good day) Democratic Party, and especially its last two presidents” (and last nominee!) - is as complicit to this mechanism of destruction as the con perpetrators and the ginger pig himself “spent a lifetime doing little but shameless self-promotion and fabricating scams - unable to speak truthfully about nearly anything”

To paraphrase Dwight Eisenhower This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense, it is our Mother and humanity used as objects to exploit, rob, and destroy to further the systems that empower the malignant greed and wealth of a very few…


one of the biggest markers for someone who’s just not getting the right analytical frame is the assertion that the Democratic party is weak or spineless or ineffectual.
None of these things are true. And part of the problem is that Green, like many liberals loyal to this party’s image (and not its reality), is assuming that the leadership of this party wants what they often say they want.

Democrats are doing what they’re paid to do. So if the GOP is a “death machine”, then what can the Democrats possibly be called in counterpoint? Lubrication? Service technicians?

Stop framing these things as functions of parties or even loosely defined “ideologies”. They’re not. Mills and Marx are far better tools for figuring this mess out.

We have an elite cadre of highly destructive people bent on pursuing monetary self-interest at any and all costs. They don’t do parties (other than purchase them both!), countries, ethics or community. And that’s the unit of analysis that Green needs to focus on. This is a class war.

And the only people with a voice in American government are the rich.


This article would make more sense if he had used the word “corporatism” instead of
“conservatism.” As it is, this is more smoke and mirrors reflecting muddied waters.
Many true conservatives are very much against the corporate state and Trump’s policies, so one should not commit this kind of false generalization. The warfare state trumps all. (It is hard to avoid that verb.)


You say “That this movement is a threat to Western values is transparent,” and that’s true. MORE importantly, however, is the fact that conservatives are.hastening our departure from LIFE! The possibility that our species will be extinct within JUST A FEW YEARS! http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2017/05/abrupt-warming-how-much-and-how-fast.html


By definition: no progress on this formerly green earth, was ever brought about by a conservative … and most are mentally rigid, mindless thugs.


“Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” – H.L. Mencken
I am not just ashamed but, like Green, I am deeply sickened by the idiocy that my country currently demonstrates. For instance, I have read many comments on various sites which salute Trump for his Paris Climate Accord decision, which was the height of recklessness. They keep crowing about what a great leader he is and rant the “MAGA, MAGA!” bullshit. We have arrived at the appalling situation where “alternative facts” have usurped obvious truth and where any credible criticism of this odious piece of shit in the White House is summarily dismissed as “fake news”.
Like many, many of you I am profoundly sick of hearing about the Mango Mussolini and his ignorant and petulant whoring for the oligarchs and the hyper-rich. I can’t imagine this country surviving 4 years of this asshole and I have seriously started thinking of being an expat.
I fervently wish for some general meltdown of this regime in which Trump is removed from office and, hopefully, prosecuted for his violation of the 25th Amendment, etc. Of course, that would leave us with Pence, another horror show.
Since I doubt that will actually happen I can only assume that the U.S. will be further reduced to a kind of hopelessly corrupt banana republic under Trump and his fellow scumbags. It is time to be realistic and accept the fact that the U.S. is an empire in precipitous decline and that there are other and more humane realities elsewhere in the world.


Correct. To quote one of the most intelligent people who ever lived - John Stuart Mill - “I am not saying that most conservatives are stupid people but I am saying that most stupid people are conservatives.”


Populism is defined as:

Support for the concerns of ordinary people.
The quality of appealing to or being aimed at ordinary people.

By what twisted logic does anyone speak of conservative or Republican populism?

Anyone doing so is either ignorant of the meaning of “populism” or is intentionally trying to bamboozle his audience (usually the latter).

Right wing populism makes no sense, since the whole thrust of conservative politics is to set the business class in opposition to ordinary people.
If this fact were commonly known, the Republican party would soon be out of business.


While the professor makes some good points here, he seems not to realize that the Dems are just as guilty of “conservatism” as the Repugs. Actually, more so, I would say, since the Repugs are not “conservative,” per se: they’re reactionary.


David Michael Green - congrats on your choice of words !

I am seeing a return to some semblance of sanity and truth worldwide.

“Earth Needs Half”; “Limits to Growth”; “Planetary Boundaries”; “Abrupt Climate Change”; “Overpopulation”; “Soils to the Sea”; …, all these and many more are slowly becoming part of every responsible citizens’ vocabulary - of necessity.

In Africa the Congo is collapsing, in South America Venezuela; Greece is a basket case; France’s nuclear program will bankrupt them; anyone with commercial nuclear reactors will soon find themselves wishing they had never heard the word atomic - energy “too cheap to meter”…; the oil business is already dead and gone - virtual zombies with a new phrase clinging to their dead corpses - “stranded assets” - I could go on and on, but you get the idea I hope ~

Tell it like it is - all may yet be well.


Please tell me where that quote comes from. I am just amazed that someone way back when saw the same thing in humanity that I/We see today.


Democracies do not survive becoming an empire. Ancient Greece proved this during Socrates’ time. The USA really went full blown empire during the Spanish American War. Do take a look at the historical parallels.



I also agree with Skeptic Tank from another article:

"The Dems stand for the slow-boil version of fleecing the American masses.

Their gradual approach to taking us back to feudalism is softer and gentler and less obvious.

That they’ve enabled a total right-wing takeover…oops!"


What a great quote by John Stuart Mill !

I have read Mill but never came across that quote. Thanks.


Labeling what is really corporatism as “conservatism” legitimizes corporatism, fascism and other anti-social behaviors that characterize the GOP’s window display and the Democrats’ back room agenda. For decades the right wing has understood that words matter. The left continues to demonstrate little understanding of that concept and continues to use the right wing’s words thereby bolstering the right wing’s power to fine tune the “goddam death machine”.

When I was growing up a half century ago several of my relatives were true conservatives in a fiscal and social sense. If they were alive today they would consider the Democrats too far right to vote for and the GOP as traitors needing to be deported or incarcerated.

Based on the historical context of the past century the GOP has evolved into the American Taliban Party while the Democrats have evolved into the new GOP.