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'Stop Lukashenko': Hundreds of Thousands Protest Against Belarusian Leader for Eighth Straight Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/16/stop-lukashenko-hundreds-thousands-protest-against-belarusian-leader-eighth-straight


On its way to joining Ukraine as a failed state on Russia’s border … as planned. The corruption that follows is much more convenient to get a lucrative board seat at a corrupt company.

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Wow, unlike here, they were lucky to have a VALID opposition candidate to vote for!



Shapes Of Things To Come. Here.

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Let’s hope not.

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Leftists for Lukashenko! (And Putin and Assad)

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I rather doubt modern day American’s would ever gather in such numbers to stand against fascism.
If they had that kind of moral fortitude it would have happened by now.

Lots of US oligarchs have a lot of business interests in the former Soviet republics. They just swooped in after the fall of the USSR.

Man, 26 years of this cretin. I know its the goal of our rules based trading system to keep the powerful in power so there can be stability for business, but …

Perhaps not. Perhaps when more feel the negative effects of Fascism, their willingness to be more vocal as their pain level increases, will be inspiration enough for them to act. Before life for them degrades to the point of desperation.

Perhaps this innate selfishess is precicely what America’s oligarchy are counting on, which could be one of the reasons they continue to divide the population into ever smaller segments which they then percecute at a time.