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"Stop Making a Killing at the Planet's Expense": Climate Advocates Call for Fossil Fuel Companies to Foot Australia Fires Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/06/stop-making-killing-planets-expense-climate-advocates-call-fossil-fuel-companies

Sadly, I fear this is one of those “fat chance” to “no chance” answered demands.
Yes, I am cynical but after all my decades of watching “The Game of Life” on a slanted playing field, I have been scarred to my bones. The idea of “fairness” does not exist in a GREED CAPITALIST, OLIGARCHIC world.

C’mon, man. The voters in Austr-hell-lia installed a pro-fossil fuel President.
As this disaster has unfolded, he’s stood firm in his commitment to coal.
That country made it’s bed and has enjoyed incredible prosperity – now THEY pay the piper.

I have no children.
But my nieces and nephews may very well die in climate related chaos.
Many of them live in northern California.

And partly to blame for the climate chaos will be voters like those in Australia and here who prioritize immediate and short-term prosperity over a chance for long term sustainability.

Fuck them, they’re destroying an entire planet.


Too late


It’s about time to make these corporations pay for their decades of Lies. And this needs to at least include the personal wealth of the Sr management of these companies.

Morrison, the Pentacostal religious nut, won a resounding victory, giving credit to his god. The Aussies elected this freak, just like we elected our own freak.


And he won because he told voters that climate change was a hoax and there was no reason to lower emissions like his opponent, the former Prime Minister was doing. He, his deputies, and members of parliament from his party have mercilessly criticized environmentalists – and all of his recent backpedaling can’t change that.

I perfectly understand Australians wanting to perpetuate what can rightfully be described as an economic miracle – Australia has gone 25 years without a recession. What I can’t understand is ignoring science to perpetuate it, even as scientific predictions rang true right before their their eyes.

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Your comments usually make more sense than that.

The number one issue in Scott Morrison’s win was climate change.
Voters had a clear choice.

Our election was a different story. Voters wanted an outsider. They still do. But yep, we’re as guilty and deserving of our fate as the Aussies. That’s the way collective punishment works.

Would “Tilting at windmills” be an ironic metaphor?

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A couple of observations from an American living in Australia.

MCH is right. Like the U.S., half of Australian voters support more leftish policies and half support more right wing policies. So you can’t blame ALL the Australian people for Scott Morrison (ScoMo) anymore than you can blame ALL Americans for Trump.

The reason Scott Morrison won the last election was because, like in the US with the Democrats and Republicans, both sides are in the pockets of the Big Banks, Big Ag, Big Energy and the multinational corporations. Labor didn’t differentiate itself from the Liberal (Right Wing) party in the last election - than extending the already generous welfare system - and like the Democrats in the U.S., it alienated its traditional base of blue collar workers with its endless “Free” Trade Agreements (that mostly benefit Big Mining and Big Ag). Unlike the U.S., environmentalists and Lefties like myself, DO have a third option and can vote for the Green Party which has a place in the Parliamentary System. If you put the Labor Party percentage together with the Green Party Percentage (around 10%), you have a slightly bigger percentage of Australians NOT voting for Scott Morrison.

I will say, however, that it has been my observation that there is a fairly large group of Australians who are openly apathetic about politics. They have a “She’ll be right” (meaning it will all turn out OK in the end) attitude toward political issues because up till now, it pretty much has been the case - at least on the surface. Australia has a strong safety net if people become unemployed and a very good public health system. We don’t have a lot of pollution here to remind us that our climate change policies are from the Dark Ages.

However, my concerns about Scott Morrison go much deeper that merely being in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry - Big Coal in particular. What disturbs me about ScoMo is his openly hostile attitude (referring to them as anarchists) toward peaceful protesters - particularly any that threaten Big Energy. He actually seems to want to outlaw secondary boycotts making it a crime to boycott companies that are providers to Big Energy in order to “force” them to stop supporting “a vital national economic interest.” He is trying to build an hysteria against environmental climate change protesters and is quite vitriolic and aggressive about it.


Well now it not a question of good or bad economic times, it’s a question of survial.

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Here’s the thing. Which politician has temporary power makes no difference to the climate.

When a ScoMo or a Trump dismantles controls on emissions, or when an Obama or a Shorten pat themselves on the back for joining the toothless joke called the Paris Accords, we get to witness a kabuki show in which emissions either rise faster or slower. The show ends the same either way (spoiler alert: The climate has the last laugh). Environmentalists, in their supporting role, are alternatively ridiculed or minimally appeased. Obama has bragged about US oil production hitting an all-time high during his administration, FFS.

Again, Australia and the US made their choices: Prosperity is prioritized over sustainability, corporate power is prioritized over people power. The result is collective punishment, and by collective, I mean global, and by punishment, I mean far worse than the Aussie fires.

And if you think ScoMo’s autocratic approach to protest is bad now, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Yes, this literally our burning building moment .

We are being scared awake by some of the conditions on our planet ,some of which have become nightmarish.We those awake must awaken others and act on it .

Some of us have become dangerous to ourselves - a small percentage ,they are behaving like children playing with matches .

We are feeling the heat now but there is still time to take the matches out of their hands.