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Stop Making Women Apologize


Stop Making Women Apologize

Tracey L. Rogers

I was getting on a bus with grocery bags in hand, apologizing profusely to the driver as I scrambled to find my bus pass.

He curiously looked my way; I thought he was judging me as I convincingly portrayed the damsel in distress. To my relief, however, he actually smiled and said, “It’s ok, ma’am. There is no need to apologize.”

I reflected on the driver’s kindness as his words began to sink in: “There is no need to apologize.” He was right. I wasn’t holding anyone up or causing any problems, yet I still felt the need to say, “I’m sorry.”


Right on!


I’m sorry to say that I have never managed to keep my opinions to myself, or acquiesce when it would be the more polite option. But I do apologise if I collide with another commuter, regardless of whose fault. Does that mean we can both apologise and not back down?

Better, the men should join us. There is a lot to apologise for.


My coworkers are all women. I’m the only male. They are often saying “I’m sorry” for silly stuff as this author describes. I really wish they wouldn’t apologize over stuff that there is nothing to apologize for. Just because you walk by me isn’t a reason to apologize!


This morning I was walking down the street wondering about that word “street-walker.” I mean, if I have to get from here to there in town, I can’t find any other way to go besides the damn street, I’m sorry!

No! I’m definitely not sorry, except in a sarcastic sense. Presumably, the only way to retain one’s honor is to stay confined. That stupid word goes back to 1592. That’s how deeply runs the hatred of women, who are ritually humiliated on the floor of the United States Congress today, when they don’t contain themselves.

I’m sorry, boys, it’s time for this bullshit to stop now.


Exactly. I am a man and I often say I’m sorry for small things and so do several of my friends (one maybe a bit too much). I am all for a society with less traditional gender roles, but that certainly doesn’t mean the role that women typically play more often is the incorrect one (I’m guessing it is more often the better one).

Now on the big stuff, there should be no disagreement. Biden said he’d apologize to Anita Hill, but then didn’t. As a country, we rarely apologize for our many past sins. There is a lot to apologize for and we need more, not less.


Generally speaking, all women should not feel the need to say “I’m sorry” when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Also, generally speaking, men should say it more often than they do.


Wut? - This isn’t how it works where I come from. In my relationships I’m always the one who’s done something wrong - like responded in the wrong tone, or wasn’t thoughtful enough, or should’ve anticipated what she was thinking. Same goes for all of my friends in their relationships - the women run the show and call the shots. And no, it’s not a good thing. This ‘future is feminine’ thing is bullisht. It’s just as rubbish as the worst redneck wifebeater mentality.