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Stop Manchin and Sinema From Imitating Jim Crow Dixiecrats and Letting the Filibuster Block Civil Rights and Voting Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/19/stop-manchin-and-sinema-imitating-jim-crow-dixiecrats-and-letting-filibuster-block


Am I hearing echos of Harry Reid’s “I don’t have the votes” mantra that we heard every week when Reid was Senate Majority Leader during Obama’s first term ?


Geez, I Hope NOT.

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If Majority Leader Schumer tries to put pressure on these 2 Right Wing Dem/Repub’s they will simply switch parties and move Rightward toward the Republican Party giving the majority back to that Nazi McConnell.

Its like Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) observed in 2004 “They (Wall Street) own Washington DC”.


I don’t know much about Sinema but I can tell you Manchin is a right wing republican hiding behind the (D) behind his name. He understands the power he has right now and is going to selfishly use it to make a name for himself. Everyone else can go jump in a lake as far as he’s concerned, it’s all about Manchin now.


Sinema is a bundle of contradictions, or confusions. She was Green Party until 2004, which didn’t get her far so she joined the Dems. Her BA is from Brigham Young University (the Mormons). She also has four graduate degrees from Arizonza State. She is openly bi-go figure.

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That’s an excuse I’d not heard before. The Dims are just full of them.


I think that both sinema and “manchien” both need to get poor as in lack of basic necessities and doing volunteer work on a Covid19 ward everyday X 10. Get to know what is more happening in life that their own little world. Learn some humility and less self importance.
And while I’m dreaming how about all congress members after their second term have some required refresher education courses doing time in prisons for at least a month while they consider if they are on the correct professional path.

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Quit blaming Reid for all that. On the very first budget negotiations, McConnell was threatening to shut down the government. Harry Reid called his bluff and said, “Go ahead, but I’ll make sure you own it.” McConnel called the WH crying about Reid’s refusal to negotiate and asked the WH to send over an adult. Obama sent Biden, who caved to McConnell, stabbing Reid in the back. Reid, shortly after, announced his decision to not run again. His “I don’t have the votes” was his way of telling Obama, “FU.”


When I report my observations of the dynamics of DC politics during the Obama years in this forum or any other, I am in no way blaming Harry Reid for anything that happened during that era.

Why is Steve Scalise on the morning show This Week-----He goes on about the Rep bs about spending to much money-----This guy is a Traitor----and he was still denying what Trump did. Not only is he a Traitor----he is in the minority and has zero authority—zero power—WHO CARES WHAT TRAITOR STEVE SCALISE HAS TO SAY-----HE TRIED TO TAKE AWAY THE VOTES OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS----THIS MAN IS A TRAITOR TO THE CONSTITUTION ABC NEWS! When you introduce him say ----welcome Traitor Steve Scalise-----why did you try to subvert the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!------NO THINGS SHOULD NOT JUST GO BACK TO NORMAL LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!

Miles: Ask the Democratic primary voters why they supported these clowns over more progressive candidates. Ask the state Democratic parties why they promoted these folks. As the DNC why they bankrolled these people?

The buck stops with the people.

Was there a promised solution in this article?
What is the solution to these two JimCrow Dems?

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