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Stop Playing Politics With Reproductive Rights


Stop Playing Politics With Reproductive Rights

Olivia Alperstein

Young women voters have a lot to worry about this election cycle, from a flurry of anti-abortion messaging to diminishing access to reproductive services.

Just this month, in fact, Congress put the brakes on vital legislation that would fund efforts to prevent the spread of Zika because they’re arguing over birth control.


“We must address women’s rights in a way that acknowledges the full impact of access to reproductive healthcare on every facet of a woman’s life.”

Very few males give a damn about this issue. And those that address it typically dismiss this matter (and most matters that are of vital concern to women) as mere “identity politics.”

However, when the subject is guns, the military’s endless acts of aggression, or any other phallic expressions of dominance, then women are expected to identify with the broad characterizations framed under that same normative WE banner.

Very few men have the cajones to look honestly at just how prejudicial–as in sexist–everything is spanning from language frames, to pay scales, to suppositions, to collective priorities along with the policies that ensue from them.

Until the WE that represents women’s interests is taken seriously by ALL (or most) males, I will object to the disingenuous frame that turns all citizens into soldiers whose primary task is to kill others of foreign birth.


As long as what ever happened to Kansas is still happening, abortion is all about politics. It is the only factor, the only I hate to use the word reason, that scores of middle class folks vote Reliably Red.

“But in a United States that prides itself as a purveyor of free thought and champion of global democracy, my access to healthcare shouldn’t be a matter of luck.”. That was over when we learned the truth about Vietnam Nam. Imagine!


ONLY in right wing men who think “right to life” is rendered null and void when they’re handed a gun and told that someone else is their enemy. Many men WANT to control women and the control of birth control (which leads to abortion when not distributed) is a key brick in that edifice.


I’m with you sister. I have a daughter with PCOS, and her life would be a whole lot nastier without birth control pills. Screw the Bible pounders.