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Stop Talking About Men In Women’s Restrooms


Stop Talking About Men In Women’s Restrooms

Chase Strangio

There is hardly an hour that goes by at this point that we are not subjected to a mis-framing of the so-called debate over justice for transgender people.


I don't mean to sound insensitive to trans-gender persons, particularly those of color; but the amount of MSM focus on this issue is really disproportionate. It's meant to rifle up the right wing/Evangelicals; but all the media debate fixated on this rather peripheral issue takes precious time away from the far more serious matters of our day:

  1. The ongoing wars
  2. The way the MIC vacuum-suctions funds away from the nation's truer needs: like reinvesting in decrepit infrastructure
  3. The ravages of global warming cum chaos
  4. The lack of jobs impacting millions of persons
  5. The violence that WILL escalate as desperate people feel a growing absence of options (for life improvements)
  6. The insanely high rates of Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Obesity, etc.
  7. The graft and corruption that are tainting this upcoming Presidential election
  8. The overall culture of guns, rape, and violence

My point is that so many OTHER issues are so much more serious... that the amount of energy, focus, and media time directed towards this matter is (in my mind) a PLANNED diversion.


^^^ Exactly what I was going to say. Really? That's the most important national issue?

Who care what restroom someone uses. I know of women who will barge the men's room because there are long lines at the women room. They just walk into a stall do their business and walk out. No big drama.

Not many years ago it was women's rights, then gay rights meant to rifle up the right wing/Evangelicals. Now it is the imaginary boggy man in the bathroom.


Right, and before that it was stupid issues like Jim Crow. Fake divisions. Nothing to see here folks.


Having known someone who died from the social pressures stacked on top of gender dysphoria, any attention on this issue seems a lot more worthwhile to me than time and attention squandered on frivolous stuff like, say, astrology, ufology, and hocus pocus mysticism.

How many posts have you had here about the inequalities or injustices women have faced? Was that a distraction from the "many other issues that are so much more serious"? How many times have women been told that they need to wait for more pressing issues to be solved before we, as a society, can get around to them? Do you agree with that view (and do you now want to be the face of a majority telling a disadvantaged minority they have to wait their turn?), or do you think we have ample time to spare to consider women's issues? And if we have time for women's issues, why would we not have enough time for transgender issues? Are transgenders less deserving because of their minority status? Has the smallness of a group ever been a good enough reason to neglect the unfairness and injustices they face? By what contorted reasoning have you come to the position that we should be paying less attention to a particular injustice? That's even more bizarre than usual for you.

If you think other issues need more attention, give them more attention. It's just small and divisive to be resentful of deserved success in one area, merely because it isn't one of your preferred areas.


Your trivialization of the fundamental humanity of each of us is telling.


Trying to deny the actual gender of a man who conceives of himself as a woman, but who is still physically a man in every way, is ridiculous and shows a willingness by those who do this to be deceptive and disingenuous. It's one thing to permit a transgendered woman who is in the process of becoming a woman physically to enter the ladies' room or the women and girls' locker room.
It's an altogether different situation to permit someone who is physically a man into the ladies' room or the women and girls' locker room. If you do that, you give a green light to ANY man, including predators, as well as pervs who want to ogle women and girls while they get undressed or take a shower. If approached by a staff person, he can claim to be transgender. It is impossible to dispute that claim. He can then threaten a lawsuit for discrimination.
I believe the privacy and safety of women and girls is more important than the inconvenience to the occasional transgendered woman who is physically a man in every way.
Pretending that a person's physical being is of no consequence is as dishonest as it is ridiculous. Someone with a bigger, heavier, stronger body, and a penis, is a man. Period. He may conceive of himself as a woman. Ralph might change his name to Louise. That's fine; I'll call her Loise from now on. If he/she decides to go all the way with a sex change, god bless.
But the person's physical being is what is relevant in a bathroom or locker room.
And we should not allow men access to places where women and girls need and deserve privacy and safety.


Personal attacks are inappropriate.

It's particularly inappropriate but alas not unusual for a man to attack a woman on the issue of feminism.

I agree with Siouxrose that the inordinate amount of attention on the transgender issue is suspect. We need to look at who is funding the transgender lobby and why. You don't think Obama really cares about transgenders, do you?


"Who is funding the transgender lobby, and why?"

Ask the trans people in your life.

You do not actually know any trans people, do you?


In my experience it is relatively easy to identify a transgendered person, and it is incredibly perverted to assume trans folks are sexual predators when all evidence points the other way.

The truth here is that this issue is being manufactured out of whole cloth. There is no evidence that trans folks are any more likely to be sexual predators than any other demographic. Most violence against women occurs in their homes by an intimate partner. Children of both sexes are routinely sexually molested generally by people they know and who are overwhelmingly heterosexual.

For too many people, it ain't easy being free in the land of the free.


Like your logo, you are a machine and a misogynist.

Obviously there are some people--maybe 200 impacted by this problem. There is violence (and it's MALE violence) that's pivoted on trans-gender persons.

But as I stated in my initial comment, the amount of air time and press being given to this issue in LIEU of the far greater horrors currently underway is suspect. It's meant to rile up specific demographics and keep the focus off things that matter.

Imagine if Sanders' issues (not his critics or misrepresentations of his policies) were given THIS amount of media time!


Thanks for so clearly demonstrating your utter lack of any knowledge at all of trans people. There are millions of trans people. Because of stigma, violence, and silence, it is impossible to derive a clear demographic assessment, but certainly there are well over 100,000 just in the USA.

You also do not have any trans people in your circle, do you?


"Personal attacks are inappropriate."

Since that appeared to be addressed to me, are you suggesting that anything I said legitimately qualifies as a personal attack? If so, do feel free to point out the offending passage. And have you ever made that admonition to Siouxrose? Because nothing in my comment compares to the level of personal attack routinely found in her comments.

"It's particularly inappropriate but alas not unusual for a man to attack a woman on the issue of feminism."

I treated her just as I would have a man saying what she did. I gave her no deference on account of her gender. To call that an attack sounds like you think I should have treated her as something more frail simply because of her gender. What sort of feminism is that?

"I agree with Siouxrose that the inordinate amount of attention on the transgender issue is suspect."

I imagine attention given to any issue seems inordinate to people who are dismissive of the issue.

"We need to look at who is funding the transgender lobby and why."

I guess that would include me, and in my case, I donated in memory of a friend I lost because of this issue.

"You don't think Obama really cares about transgenders, do you?"

I don't consult Obama to form my views.


There are divided opinions on that count. Personally, I identify more with the "software" if you will, than the physical substrate it operates on. But I don't see the relevance of my status to the validity of my position. Were you suggesting machines are incapable of being correct? Because that's plainly false. Or did you, perhaps, think that it would hurt my feelings to suggest that I have no feelings? If so, see if you can spot the logic defect in that.

"and a misogynist."

Can you identify the passage in my comment that you considered misogynistic? Or are you suggesting that sensitivity to transgender issues itself qualifies as a form of misogyny?

"Obviously there are some people--maybe 200 impacted by this problem."

Are you confirming that you feel the smallness of a group is good enough reason to neglect the unfairness and injustices they face?

"There is violence (and it's MALE violence) that's pivoted on trans-gender persons."

On this issue, it appears men have a lot less problem with trans-men in their restrooms than women have with trans-women in theirs.

"But as I stated in my initial comment, the amount of air time and press being given to this issue in LIEU of the far greater horrors currently underway is suspect."

If someone has figured out how to profit by advancing social justice, more power to them. I have no problem with people holding good views for less than altruistic reasons. I've even agreed with some of your views on occasion, even though I'm sure I wouldn't agree with how you arrived at them.

"It's meant to rile up specific demographics"

That's fine. Better to bring it out into an open fight than let the bigotry fester in darkness. They tried that with race and sexual orientation too, and the bigots ultimately lost.

"and keep the focus off things that matter."

Nothing matters in any ultimate sense. The only thing that can make something matter is people holding the opinion that it does, and we individually decide what matters to each of us. This particular issue doesn't matter to you, while things like astrology and ufology clearly do. But your opinion about what matters and what does not isn't binding on the rest of us.


A transgender cousin of mine committed suicide a couple years ago. Her mother who was present (but maybe not) refuses to talk about it. Other family members refuse to call her by he chosen name and referred to her as "cousin Jimmy"). She was cremated and disposed of without ceremony. The circumstances of her suicide (assuming it was a suicide) remains shrouded in mystery.


My trans-acquaintances are all busy doing their nails but since I'm a clever girl, I managed to find a list of funders of the trans-agenda. 20 million dollars have been funneled into this effort, which is a sizeable chunk of change for so small a percentage of the overall population. Among them, the Ford Foundation where Janet Mock, trans-woman and alleged promoter of child prostitution, sits as a paid board member.

There is quite a bit of overlap between the promoters of the trans-agenda and the promoters of legalizing prostitution in the USA. I find this alarming and suspect.


This is not true. Trans-women, let's be frank about it, are men and prone to violence like all too many men. Saying trans-folks obfuscates the matter since not too many are worried about violence from trans-men, that is, women, in male only spaces.

Attached please find partial lists of men in feminine attire committing a variety of crimes and attacking women and girls in female only spaces. Remember that any man can claim to be a trans-woman by just saying so. Without taking hormones or submitting to any surgeries or treatments, any man can now enter our private spaces.

I am not including information about men who claim to be trans-women in prison environments, demanding to be housed with females whom they proceed to rape and impregnate.I find it too upsetting.


Your bigotry and hatred are transparent. Your assessments are less so. GFY.


Your first source can hardly be called reliable, as Breitbart has a definite conservative bias (and this scheme originates with conservatives), a penchant for misinformation, and the author is clearly homo/gender-phobic. That said of the 25 stories, three of them actually referenced a man dressed as a woman, but offered no evidence the man was a trans. The other 23 were by all accounts heterosexual men in normal attire, which supports my original statement. Most of these stories involved hetero men secretly videotaping in locker, dressing, and ladies rooms. Not pleasant, but not exactly life-threatening or physically violent, and definitely not enough of anything to justify legal discrimination.

Your second source is a blog, that merely references itself and links to no actual evidence or scientific study to support its claims, and also contradicts accepted medical opinion. Some jack-asse's opinion doesn't count as evidence to support your opinion.

You'll have to do better than this to convince me, and I'm sure other readers here, that it is okay to legally discriminate against certain citizens. A more effective law, if a law like this were at all enforceable, would be to make it a criminal offense for hetero males to use ladies rooms. (Notice that the existing laws seem to work as these men were all charged with a crime.)

If you are going to post on this topic on this clearly lefty site, try learning what transgendered means, what life is like for trans folks, and offering up actual evidence to support your claims,


Transgender lobby!?!?!?!? Who are these lobbyists? Where is their office (all lobbyists must be registered)? How are they funded? This post smacks of the "homosexual agenda" BS usually promulgated by those with actual secret agendas. This is a case of "let's you and him fight" and you and Sioux have fallen for it. During the Vietnam protests many groups were allied against the war including Gay Liberation, the Black Panthers, NOW and others. FBI plants often used this "their issue isn't as important" crap to sow discord and disunity among the various groups. Discrimination is everybody's serious problem, no matter how small the group involved. Remember...you're next. There's certainly a planned diversion working here and you have lent yourself to it, unwittingly or otherwise...and I must wonder which.