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Stop Thanking the Troops and Lend a Hand

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/03/stop-thanking-troops-and-lend-hand

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Thanks for publishing this CD.

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There is only one way to support the troops; to bring them all home.
We have a corporate dominated government that wages war for financial gain. This is an evil recipe for disaster, yet both party’s have pledged an allegiance to this sick form of imperialism.
I have read your stuff before and I honestly believe that your husband should quit the Navy and spend the rest of his life explaining to anyone who will listen about how the military represents Wall Street values and not American values. War is a racket and therefore we should do whatever we can to end this system of death and destruction that is being committed in our name.


There are no winners in war. Some people get very rich. The rest of the planet bleeds. “Kill today and die tomorrow” is not life.
Adding to requests for the next president
“Stop freeing the world to death”


It’s not “supporting the troops” to lie to them. Iraq has yellowcake. Iran has nukes. North Korea is out to destroy America. The communists will take over. We don’t want sharia law. …


I agree.
Military wives like the author should actively speak to their spouses about leaving the military. It is not an honorable career option.
On top of that their employer, like many corporate owners does not care about the employees.


Correct, we need to stop thanking our troops, as well as stop calling them heroes. We have all known, ever since the very beginning of this bogus “war on terror” that every one of our wars in the Middle East is based on lies. Stop thanking them and instead remind them that they are not being noble or patriotic to fight in wars that themselves are being fought for the ignoble purpose of American imperialism and acquisition and control of resources.

Granted, the economy sucks and that is a large reason why so many young people join the military, but that is NO excuse for signing one’s soul over to the Military Industrial Complex and being granted a license to kill men, women, and children who had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and have never declared war against us or posed a threat to us in any way.

If we started calling our soldiers the murderers that they are, instead of calling them heroes, then fewer young people would be duped into joining. F#ck our wars of terror, and to hell with those who are either too dumb to know they are being duped or so nationalistic that they actually enjoy killing people who are not white, christian, and capitalist. Anyone supporting any part of our war OF terror, or anyone who even remains silent about it, is as guilty as any chicken-hawk politician who keeps these forever wars going or any soldier who drops bombs and sprays bullets for the sake of the American Empire.


Any soldier who hasn’t had his/her eyes opened during their first tour of duty and then signs on for more is no longer a dupe but an “America-right-or-wrong” nationalist. They are not to be honored or thanked but seen as terrorists/murderers for the American Empire of greed and global destruction.


I recall reading about an event where a young boy walked up to a man in uniform and said “thank you for your service”. And the man looked at him with sad eyes and said “I did not serve. I was used”.

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  1. If you are in military, quit.
  2. If you are in government, try like heck to get out of the wars, close military bases, defund the military, get out of NATO, close Guantanamo, encourage world’s countries to work out their own local issues of friction with their neighbors.
  3. Boycott military holidays and parades. Or organize a peace parade on those occasions.
  4. If you are in a business, try to hire and train high school graduates who might be vulnerable to a military career.
  5. Make friends with immigrants in the US and overseas people online. Make the world a friendlier place.
  6. Study geography. Know locations so to better understand the dynamics of situations. Did you ever notice that articles discussing foreign conflicts rarely provide a map anymore?

Folks should stand outside their local military recruiting office and tell the prospective veterans what they are really in for.

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And what is so egregious is after the lies as punic canards have been exposed and many troops have been killed and maimed for the lies, no one that lied and are guilty of being war criminals has ever been held accountable. They are given medals,like Madeleine Albright who was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom who has been called " Iraq’s Grim Reaper" for being complicit in the estimated murders of 500,000 children in Iraq and said: " we think it was worth it,"

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You are correct , 'THEY AR BEING USED". I have relatives that are in the military ( one who retired was a full bird colonel) and I have found that it is impossible to reach these people.

When will they learn? When will they finally realize that attacking another country that has done nothing to us is bad karma?
Stop thanking military personnel and start thanking medical first-responders and IU staff.

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