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Stop the $2 Billion Arms Sale to the Philippines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/15/stop-2-billion-arms-sale-philippines

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The human race doesn’t stand a chance of survival if it believes in the idea that it has to sell weapons to survive , this war conciousness has to go.


Sharpening the cleaver of the butcher

It is an interesting feature of American foreign policy over the last decade that its paramilitary operatives seem ever more at odds with each other.

It does not make Duterte’s methods humane, but at least some of the accused drug dealers and possibly that political opponents that he kills and tortures are CIA connected, but that is very much worth knowing in the broader context of things. And yet once again, the US is determined to sell weapons to enable this.

One recalls the obvious example of Syria, in which US entities and foreign nationals who would contribute to the HRClinton campaign in '15-16 funded ISIS and ISIL to destabilize Syria and its government, then proceeded to bomb and murder their operatives, along with quite a few other people, citing their barbarism.

Apart from the really extraordinary savagery of the policy, one wonders that its efficacy does not quickly collapse, since it means that cooperation with the empire is dangerous in very unpleasant ways. One has to wonder to what extent this happens because of an actual rift in the command structure.

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Well Amee, it seems you have missed the plot entirely. Duarte is under attack from Terrorists who intend on undermining his authority as well as the criminals smarting as a direct result of his wars on their drug peddling. Why are you turning a blind eye to these activities ? Regarding human rights, L.O.L. you are a hypocrit of the highest order. When I see the U.S. and the U.K. as well as Australia together with many European nations actually PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH in that regard THEMSELVES, I will then be happy to consider your views. However, until that turn around eventuates, it makes your words pointless indeed.

Absoluetly spot on on, my thoughts exactly. Where was the esteemed Amee during these events ? Not a whimper of objection from her then.

Amee, have you ever set foot in Philippines? From reading your article it seems you probably haven’t. As I write this from Manila, I am locked down and locked in the building I reside in, no longer by choice but by circumstance. Yes, human rights are being violated here. Yes it is very hard on the poor. Yes the government is very inept at distributing aid. That said, your article is hyperbole, and extremely embellished with exaggeration. I feel arms shouldn’t even be manufactured, let alone sold to anyone. This rant about Duterte is pure bovine excrement! The man has widespread support here by an overwhelming majority of Filipinos!

Where is your article about the soldier while delivering cash to a remote village, was shot by a terrorist, who then video taped themselves cutting the head of the young soldier? Common Dreams loses credibility when they publish sensationalized articles like this.

As long as we support and vote for congresspersons, Democrats and Republicans who support outrageous military budgets and who do not stop such sales they will continue. Only we have the power to stop it.