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Stop the Insanity': Demand Grows to Strip Trump of Nuclear Authority


Stop the Insanity': Demand Grows to Strip Trump of Nuclear Authority

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The morning following his "fire and fury" remarks on Tuesday—which promised retaliation if the North Korean regime continues to threaten the United States—President Donald Trump took to Twitter to praise America's "powerful" nuclear arsenal, comments that intensified the groundswell of calls to


We’ve come a long way since President Kennedy almost achieved World Peace, before being murdered by the Very Forces YET IN CONTROL our government, as detailed by James W. Douglass in his 2008 work of historical nonfiction, the heavily footnoted “JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why it Matters” (He Chose Peace , They Marked Hiim for Death)


Well here we are. Just like we said we would be.

The Crazy One is rattling his Nukes like a Noriega Clone.

A HUGE “Thank You” to Congress for erasing the legal limits of the War Powers Act.

From the Patriot Act to the Authority for Use of Military Action, to the Libya invasion, to the Yemen unending slaughter, Thank You for all you have done to give this Nut Job access to unchecked abuse of power.

You better get off your legislative duffs and do something.

You know how he gets around 3 am.

Probably live tweet the button push.


Regardless the N Korean actions and their erratic and militaristic society/regime/behavior, trump is even more frightening and dangerous - and all this on the anniversary of Hiroshima - Nagasaki.

The orange mouth never served or experienced war (except maybe in his own mind) and has a demonstrated long record of contempt for our own citizens lives/health and safety, all environmental protections, and utter lack of anything even remotely like wisdom - a pathological idiot of the lowest moral character that must be reined-in and removed eventually - if not for Pence, then Ryan, now! That’s a toss-up…

Actually stopping the orange mouth might only happen IF we have an actual opposition party (and some R’Cons with half a brain), not the craven lap-dog’s now controlling the Dem Party and its complicit direction, corrupt mechanisms and highly malleable moral compass…either way we’re screwed unless we get into high gear to resist and oppose…


Yes, stop the insanity: immediately strip Trump of nuclear authority, and in the meantime, IMPEACH him. Aren’t you Republicans tired of backing him up or trying to ignore him? You have the power to get Trump out, and maybe you haven’t been very successful at governing, but Trump’s impeachment would be a feather in your collective hat.


It would be wise to remove the capacity to destroy the world or execute hundreds of millions of people in a more limited engagement from the decision of one person. Pray that one person is sane or pray for yourselves and your loved ones if he isn’t!

One person could initiate MAD (mutually assured destruction) between superpowers and literally destroy (irradiate) the world and precipitate a nuclear winter horror for the relatively few survivors!

One person can decide to end the world !!!

How’s that equation for logic?


So why did congress relinquish so much power to the president since Bush? The office of the president has all this new power because politicians do not have the spine to stand up when needed. Yes men & women ultimately lands you on a trump presidency. Petition? Laughable. Congress doesn’t even let them be delivered.


Under our constitution only the Congress has the power to declare war yet it seems a president has the power to launch a first nuclear strike. That makes no sense. The power to launch a first nuclear strike (and it is hard to think of any circumstance under which it could be justified) should be turned over to Congress. Because the decision to retaliate has to be made within minutes the president should be the one to make that decision. Supposedly Nixon was so unstable near the end of his presidency that the people around him told the military not to act without their consent if Nixon ordered a first strike even though that was not legal. Something like that might be in effect now to prevent Trump from acting alone. But I would not count on it.


I cannot believe, that the powers, which control both parties would prove of Trump’s insanity. It would destroy all the profit they are hoping yet to squeeze out of the US tax payer.
My hope is, that they will send a strong message to their disciples in both parties, to stop that horror.


It’s been a long time since Presidents have respected that Constitutional requirement – that only Congress has the power to declare war. I recall referring to this requirement when GW unilaterally declared an illegal war on Iraq (which had NOTHING to do with 911). Nobody bothered to stop him. Maybe Congress should reinforce this Constitutional requirement, too.


Here’s Pepe Escobar’s take on the show:



My “worst nightmare” about this is Trump figuring out how to launch nukes from Twitter. Too bad more Americans didn’t think about the question “do you trust this man with our nuclear launch codes?” I very definitely don’t. My first gut feeling about Trump is that he has a sociopath personality. I went to websites on how to identify a sociopath and discovered that Trump didn’t fit all of the criteria but he definitely did fit most of the criteria. The last thing America needs is a sociopath professional con artist in the White House with nuclear launch codes and launching us into war with North Korea in retaliation for the rocket they launched at us or at Afghanistan to get their mineral wealth.


If you really want to stop the insanity then ELIMINATE ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS.


Too bad Princess Diana died way before her time!


When you put a lunatic in charge, things seem very different. Our president needs to be figuratively castrated so that the threat he poses is neutralized. I don’t have much hope this will be done.


A sub launched nuclear strike takes 8 minutes or less from launch. 22 mins with icbms . Maybe even less time nowadays.the reason things are the way they are is: in the event of nuclear attack,there might not be a congress to issue a launch order. Further, as I understand it. No single person, not even the president, can give the launch order. It takes two people to give a launch order,so I mean, there outta be a pretty good reason to launch, you know, given the gravity of the situation.


That isn’t quite true. Bush went to Congress to get the authority to invade Iraq if necessary. Essentially Congress voted to give up its authority to declare war. Some people in Congress said that they should retain this authority but Bush won the vote by giving false information about weapons of mass destruction. I believe Congress voted to invade Afghanistan. And they voted or the first Gulf War. Congress also voted to attack North Vietnam. And, Congress voted to take military action against al-Qaeda. I think under the War Powers Act presidents can conduct military operations for a limited period of time without the consent of Congress. If Trump wants to invade North Korea he will have go through Congress. But it seems if he wants to drop some nuclear bombs on North Korea he can do it under the law. That really needs to be changed.


“Very Forces” meaning more than just Trump.


Holygeezer is right: Abolish nuclear weapons.

Trump is a product of the US political establishment. This is NO SURPRISE. The entire US political and corporate media establishment is responsible for this. The US has been at war, preparing for war, and preparing for nuclear war, FOR DECADES, with BIPARTISAN support, and without coherent internal opposition.

We need to educate ourselves and each other; prioritize ecology and humanity above nationalism, militarism and “profit”; and build COHERENT RESISTANCE to this establishment insanity.


Well put. I think millions of Americans who voted for Trump did think about the nuclear codes and were probably concerned but their highest priorty was to vote for someone who would look out for the needs of white people and maintain the dominant position that white people have in this society. Hillary Clinton certainly had a very different message which was much more favorable for minorities. There were two major candidates and only one was a racist, Trump.