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Stop the Killing


Stop the Killing

Robert C. Koehler

Maybe half a million dead, half a country — 10 million people — displaced from their homes, jettisoned onto the mercy of the world.

Welcome to war. Welcome to Syria.

This is a conflict apparently too complex to understand. The U.S. brokered a ceasefire with Russia, then proceeded to lead a bombing strike that killed 62 Syrian troops, injured another hundred — and gave tactical aid to ISIS. Later it apologized . . . uh, sort of.


When the farcical election circus concludes, perhaps, just perhaps, someone will have the fortitude to try to shed light on exactly what the US roles have been in Syria/Iraq as of late. More likely, however, is that another distraction will be manufactured to paper over what has been another criminal blunder by the Neocon Express on the railroad to hell.


If the neocon warmongers running our foreign policy and our government would bring the Syrian opposition into line, this war would end quickly.
But the oligarchy won't do that because they're making a fat profit off the arms sales.

Does anybody have the audacity to believe that Hillary "won't" continue to prosecute this war?
Or the Libyan war or the war in Yemen or the war on terrorists or the war on black folks or the war on drugs or the economic war on us citizens?
Hillary won't stop any of those wars because she believes in war. All Capitalists do. Wars are profitable.
Trump "loves war. In a certain way." Yeah, in a profit way.


"look beyond the moral unintelligence of our militarized worldview"

speaking of the military world view, this article U.S. Military Warns of Climate-Driven ‘Instability on an International Scale’ from the climate network appeared on truthdig this morning. the "unintelligence" from the four branches of empire america have joined in a bipartisan agreement that increasing world-wide climate catastrophes will lead to international conflicts and swaths of ungoverned refugee zones. this they argue could threaten the empire's strategic positions on earth. these [war_is_the_only_option] proponents seem blithely unaware that the military with its f-35s, nuclear submarines and god knows what other secret weapons is the single biggest contributor to climate instability. we cannot reason with these madmen hell bent on world dominance.

for me a most reasonable response would be "stop the killing" and redefine and retrain the u.s. forces stationed all over the globe as first responders. our returning soldiers experience so much ptsd that suicides among vets has become all too common! imagine how it might feel after a hard day's struggle of helping people in desperate need, people who have lost everything to climate disaster. they'd feel exhausted for sure, but knowing that "my work has a positive effect" would surely do a lot to solve post traumatic stress disorder.


All true, except for the premise. The US is not seeking peace, doesn't want peace, and will act to destabilize peace-making efforts. The US creates enemies, coups, and diversions in order to enforce US hegemony. Peace is a long way off as long as the military gets the biggest cut of the US budget.


yes! the article linked in my post below yours was in my opinion a thinly veiled pro hillary bit because the donald is a denier, but hillary sees that the scientific evidence for climate change is "crystal clear." clinton stands so far to the fascist, radical right that now republicans and the military along with golman sachs now stump for her. YIKES!


Amen brother. Samantha Powers and U.S. policy on Syria need to be brutally and publicly shamed. No minimally competent person could possibly NOT understand that her words and stated position defy common decency and common sense. The media needs to take advantage of this campaign season to press the candidates to offer up a new path or risk being tarred with the same brush. Anyone who thinks that spreading the seeds of violence across the middle east to promote U.S. interests won’t continue to come back to us ten times over, is most dangerously delusional.


I never miss Bob's column. His heart is progressive; his writing articulate. Your comments are also right-on and well written. Thank you both for your intelligence and for recognizing the truth.


Is it possible that the focus on Yemen wrt to the just-passed arms sale to SA was effectively diversionary? How much of what we're going to sell them is the same stuff SA has been funneling to ISIS, etc. in Syria? Don't look over there, look over here with the big bad Iranian boogey-man lurking. Stop selling arms to the protagonists, and stop the killing.


I have to imagine that other elements within the military-industrial complex (e.g. weapons companies, military contractors, etc.) view the threat of world-wide climate catastrophe as an economic opportunity just as they have previously demonstrated in their support of the Iraq War and previous wars for empire especially in places like Africa. Chaos and suffering, whether a result of war or natural calamity, is cynically viewed by certain segments of the "complex" as a source of wealth formation through usury, weapons sales, and resource theft and provides the opportunity to actually consolidate control and power over weaker nations through the inserting of strongmen.


The idea is not so much to change the positions of the candidates, but to expose them on the dangerous and delusional policies that led us into this quagmire in the first place. That the mainstream media refuses to do this makes it incumbent on other outlets (like CD) to do so, while also affording them the opportunity to supplant the MIM as credible news sources. Election season creates more interest in politics and thus more opportunity to expose the establishment hacks (both the politicians and the MIM) - an opportunity that should be exploited as much as possible. If we can actually get the mainstream candidates to say OUT LOUD that they don’t see anything wrong with the disastrous policies of Bush, Cheney and Obama and fully intend to double down on them, some people might slowly begin to think “Whaaaaat?” And of course I’ll be voting again this year for Jill.


indeed, 'ithurielspear'! as the saying goes, "it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good." lot's of businesses profit from catastrophe-- for example insurance companies, big pharma, even so called charities and of course the industrialized military complex. one of the discussion posters from the linked article asked, (rhetorically, i'm sure), "what are they protecting? definitely not the people nor the environment!"


you know, 'geranium', i think bob stands to the left of most who identify as progressives. i see koehler as an anti-war radical. i mean radical as a compliment. the word radical derives from the same etymology as radish which suggests we must get to the root of the problem to effect real change. most progressives believe we can change the system from the top, like pruning some branches; but we radicals know that as edna boggs suggests, "real change always comes from the bottom up." those at the top protect the status quo. of course! this corrupted system give them status.


The American UN ambassador is a gross hypocrite. It is painful to watch her egregious antics. She blames Russia for America's foolish foreign and military policy. How duplicitous is that? What everyone already knows but US leaders are loath to admit, is that the US has lost whatever soft power it used to have. There are many reasons for that but the Bush League was basically responsible for it. Once a nation starts the killing, it finds that talking is of no further use, it becomes all about bombs, missiles, drones and as many casualties you can create as possible. That, the US is very good at, murder and mayhem are its new paradigm! Unfortunately, the loss of soft power ushers in a loss of imperial strength throughout the World and that is exactly what is occurring right now! There are two main protagonists opposed to American exceptionalism, indispensability and unlimited control and they simply will no longer stomach it. Those days are long gone and the very foolish American politicos had better learn that quickly or they will all be nuclear burnt toast!


Well said, "hummingbird".