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Stop the Lobbyist Howard Dean, Support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair


Stop the Lobbyist Howard Dean, Support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Jake Johnson

The Democratic Party now finds itself in the midst of an identity crisis.


Thanks for articulating this issue so clearly.


Isn't it astonishing that highly educated, supposedly intelligent human beings can be so tone-deaf and blind that they make the same foolish mistakes over and over and over again. I hold little hope for the Democratic party. We need something new.


The thing you have to realize is that the people running the DNC aren't that horrified by Trump's victory. Sure, it will cause a lot of pain and suffering--but not for THEM. They were much more horrified by the prospect of a Sanders presidency, and were perfectly willing to risk a Trump victory to ensure they wouldn't face a genuine populist who might threaten their privileges. No doubt in their private conversations they aren't talking about who to blame, they're talking about the gains the Democrats can expect when Trump fails to deliver on his promises while realizing his opponents' fears. i don't think they'll let Ellison get the top position--he could be a real pain in that position. They'll use his religion to bar him, while using, perhaps, Dean's former liberal credcentials to push him forward--or it'll be someone like him.


Great article. The challenge will be regaining the trust, and votes, of those who lacked confidence in the Democratic Party and shifted the election to Trump. That will be difficult enough for progressive candidates. For the life of me I can't imagine how the "usual [corporatist] suspects" could!


I think you've hit the nail on the head.

As I was reading articles the other day, the same realization came to me: If Trump does turn the nation into the horror that many believe he will, or even if he is just the bumbling, inept, unsophisticated orange clown that he has always been, Democrats will likely use the opportunity to run yet another corporate stooge who will tap into the white anxiety in some "progressive" way, while promising there will be no dreaded socialism (ala Sanders,) insuring the continued move to the right. After all, even after it became clear who the Republicans were running, the Democrats' response was to run a right wing corporatist woman, telling us that we could make history by electing her, and never mind her policies—look at him, not at her, see how bad he is.

When Trump fails as president, (and he most certainly will; there is no way he can deliver on the promise to expel all but white Christians from the country) The Democrats will say "See? We told you Hillary would have been better. Now vote for (current corporate nominee) because s/he is not as bad." And the movement to the right will continue, because if we survive a Trump presidency, it will have validated many of the right wing and fascist policies that will have been instituted. "This is what the people want; we will give it to them, but in a kinder, gentler way."

There is too much power, influence and money available to those tied to the corporations and their interests to allow those who seek these things it to go down any other path. An economy that is fair to all will not favor the further enrichment of the top tier and thus their handpicked servants and facilitators in government.

Democrats will not willingly jump off the gravy train. We will have to push them off.


The good news here is that we will learn very soon if there is any hope for redeeming/redirecting the Dem party. I tend to doubt that, but here's their one (and only, as far as I'm concerned) opportunity. If Howard Dean is selected, it will be completely clear that progressives will have to immediately move toward either the Greens, or a brand new Peoples Party.


Howard Dean is not the worst of the lot, though I agree that Keith Ellison is far more fit to lead a housecleaning of the party.


Perfect identity politics. Keith Ellison wants war with Russia by supporting a Syrian no fly zone. Put a black Muslim face in front of Hillary's war policy.


True. From what I've read, even Trump's vaunted infrastructure plan will concentrate on privatizing--something the DLCers always salivate over.


Let's not forget that Keith Ellison has repeatedly called for a no-fly zone in Syria, and for Assad's overthrow. He also was a big supporter of the overthrow of Gadafhi in Libya, and celebrated the results of that war.
Let's not get all excited about any real change in the Democratic Party. Bernie tweeted his excitement over Chuck Schumer becoming minority leader in the Senate.
I for one, will not be sucked back into having any hope at all for the Democratic Party ever representing my interests in peace and justice.


All I can say is that Howard Dean needs to get the hell out of the way.


Keith Ellison? The same liberal war hawk who advocated for the inhuman intervention in Libya and then had the audacity to call it a success despite the country being converted from a functional secular entity into a failed state and jihadist stronghold after the murder of countless thousands of innocents by NATO forces? The same Clintonite who supports Hillary's plan for a suicidal "no-fly" zone in Syria?

I have a better idea. Toss the Democratic party on the trash heap of history and start over with a new coalition that actually represents the values of the poor and the middle class. Let the liberal elites who sold out working class Americans rot along with the corpse of their corrupt cabal.


There is an alternative, but not a genuine one, being suggested for DNC Chair instead of Dean. The argument is still the same - that the new Chair needs to be full-time and not an elected official (like Ellison). However, the man they are pushing is SC State Party Chairman Jaime Harrison. DO NOT BE FOOLED. This man is a Trojan Horse candidate. He is not an unbiased choice. His employer for the past several years has been the PODESTA GROUP! That's right, he works for John Podesta's brother's lobbying shop in DC for money. The state party chairmanship is a voluntary gig. Nothing changes for the better, or changes who controls the players if Harrison becomes DNC Chair. If either he or Dean or another connected player becomes DNC Chair, every leftist in the party needs to just walk away for the Greens. NOW!



Thanks for this excellent link.


Ellison's participation in the criminal destruction of Libyan society is very disturbing - have we no national leaders not tainted by corruption, corporate/banker servitude, working for greed/profits uber alles, or war mongering?

As far as Howard Dean goes here is an interview he gave several days ago on his DNC leadership claim - deceptive and covering-up for the Clinton-Obama wing of gutless rightward movement servicing big-money at the expense of the 99%.......political "strategy" does not equate to integrity, moral compass or putting the 99% and environment-Mother Earth first!

Dean is not the one - Ellison?, who knows.......as the above-linked CP piece on Ellison's political skeletons suggests - "Try Dennis Kucinich. You want change? Hope even? Try him." There are progressives out there but they have been intentionally marginalized by the Clinton-Obama DLC corporate-whore wing of the Dem party.


Hi ncycat. I have no hope for the Democrat Party. The leadership represents the interests of plutocrats and the war/espionage industries and its infrastructure has been structured to promote these interests as well.

Sure, Keith Ellison will be the DNC Chair. But, as he has done in the past, he will continue to promote the US perpetual wars. Ellison may promote status quo plutocratic capitalism using more appealing language, but he will never get the Democrat Party to support alternatives to capitalism that promote economic and social justice.


During his presidential campaign I worked like a dog for him. But he's changed and so have I. Kucinich would be great.


Good catch poarbear4. A massive and effective infrastructure program is clearly what the Nation needs, and people will love to see the progress of that, but if it is accomplished by privatizing, each “job” will require intense public scrutiny to see if it is truly in the “public interest” and that is nearly impossible to do with any consistency. Very often on public projects; “the Devil is in the Details”.

Thanks to Jake Johnson for his great essays...