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Stop the New Arms Race: North Korea’s Nuclear Test Highlights Worrying Development


Stop the New Arms Race: North Korea’s Nuclear Test Highlights Worrying Development

Beatrice Fihn

On 6 January, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea claimed it carried out a successful test of its first hydrogen bomb. While the nature and details surrounding the test are still unconfirmed, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization - which has monitoring stations positioned around the world to detect underground seismic activity – announced that it detected a seismic event similar to DPRK’s test in 2013 took place this morning.


While the very idea of Nuclear weapons is abhorrent too often they only become monstrous weapons when the other side has them.

In WW2 in a conventional war the USSR lost some 25 million people. The capabilities of weapon systems have increased significantly since then and any conventional war between world powers would lead to many more deaths then that. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that were Russia to rid itself of all Nuclear weapons , the US and NATO would attack that country even with "conventional" forces.

When it comes to war there can be no putting the Nuclear Genie back in the bottle as long as the hyper aggressive Military State that is the USA , a Country that spends more on war and its military then the next 20 combined, exists on this Earth.

To get to a nuclear free world, start with disarming the USA. North Korea did not build its Nuclear weapons because they wanted to conquer they world. They built them because the USA has always threatened to attack them.


Let's make a deal with China--they take out the dwarf leader of N. Korea and the crazy cohort of military fanatics enabling him and install their own hand picked communist leader of the PRK and we'll do the same in the ROK. It couldn't be any worse than what already is going on there.


Ms. Fihn raises points, concerns, and objectives that are eminently sane and moral to eminently sane and moral persons. But those persons do not control the armed forces or its cache of weapons:

"Any detonation—either by intent or accident—would cause unacceptable humanitarian consequences, and no humanitarian relief agency could provide any meaningful assistance in the aftermath.

"Despite this knowledge, the nine nuclear-armed states and the 28 members of the U.S. nuclear umbrella, believe that nuclear weapons are acceptable means of warfare and defense. The continued argument that nuclear weapons are essential to their security will only encourage other states to follow suit."

Currently, with a methane plume rising just East of L.A., and the Fukushima radioactive wound still open and pulsing; and the Maconda Oil drilling scar still working to decimate marine life... it's beyond insane that maniacs sworn to war and destruction still regard weaponry as a viable way to achieve peace along with the sustainability of earth's biosphere.

With earthquakes, floods, fires, sink holes and other strange events busting out all over... the unthinkably unsafe can never be adequately secured.

Those committed to M.A.D. ought to become castaways of a deserted island and leave the rest of humanity alone!


When Israel gives up its nukes then Korea and Iran might stop pursuing these weapons. America will never attack a country that possesses and can deliver these weapons.


If anyone can influence North Korea, it's China. They are happy to have their kooky neighbor there as a buffer between South Korea and ipso facto, the United States. North Korea is said to be reclusive, but they are nevertheless aware of the other nuclear states and have enough pride to pretend to be a big boy, too. Building a hydrogen bomb is not a simple process. If we are smart, we will treat them with benign neglect. I hope that the UN does likewise.


I bet there's a Russia hater posting from somewhere in Russia that says the exact opposite.


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Somebody notify the Chinese Foreign Ministry that one of their Panda's escaped and is playing dictator in North Korea! Someone send an e-mail to the US Department of the Interior and let them know that one of their gangbangers escaped Chicago and is pretending to be the President! BTW, has also been known to pass himself off as a constitutional scholar!