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Stop the Senate Republican Health Care Obscenity This Week


Stop the Senate Republican Health Care Obscenity This Week

Robert Borosage

This is it. The Senate has to decide on health care. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell is pushing for a Thursday vote on the Senate plan that will deprive millions of Americans of health care coverage, and raise premiums to tens of millions more. There will be a procedural vote on Tuesday to open the debate, and a push for a vote on Thursday.

This is the week to call your Senators – the number is 202-224-3121 – and to demonstrate in their offices in Washington, and in your state.


If this bill passes and the So-called President signs it, when the first person dies as a result of it, Murder charges must be filed against every single politician that supported it.

When each and every subsequent death occurs, We the People must make Citizens Arrests and Try these Murderers in the Court of Public Opinion.

Sentencing and Punishment must follow as quickly as Mitch McConnell’s Senate vote.


One of the reasons the Senate has committees is to review bills like this. Why didn’t this bill go to committee? Why will there be only 20 hours of debate on this very complicated bill? Was Mitch McConnell elected to ignore democratic processes? The description of this bill as a tax break for the rich seems pretty accurate. For many Republicans the bottom line is not having the federal government involved in health coverage, not health. For them, if private enterprise can’t do the job of providing coverage so be it. As long as the government stays out of it the people are free, even if they are sick and can’t get adequate healthcare. So two goals are accomplished by this bill for the Republicans, the prevention of redistribution of income and maintaining freedom from government interference in person life. The result will be millions of people losing healthcare coverage.