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Stop the Violence, Stop the Looting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/05/stop-violence-stop-looting


This is addressed to every concerned citizen:

"If you witness any instance of Law Enforcement Brutality, immediately get your phone out and record it. Then share it with as many as possible."

Fascist cops must be put down.


I would only add, back-up that vid also, you never know what might happen to the original.

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So happy to see more voices raised against the looting class.

The looting has been going on for centuries now, and has been amped up to warp speed over the past 40 years of neoliberal rule in the USA and UK. The looters must be stopped and the looting must stop.

We all need to stand in solidarity with the people, the Earth, and each other, and carry out an end to colonizing and looting, with land reform, wealth reform, and economic and political reform to abolish the limited-liability investor-owned corporation – designed for colonizing and looting – and establish an economy on the basis of social and ecological accounting for a resilient and regenerative ecology and society, not financial accounting for the looting class and “endless growth.”

Solidarity is key. We are all humans, we are all animals, we are all part of the ecology, and the divide-and-conquer ideologies pushed by the looting class must be seen for what they are.


Here in Portland Oregon, antifa is brutally attacking anyone in their way. I suggest following Andy Ngo on twitter and youtube to actually see the details. Antifa is also actively trying to destroy the City of Portland Justice center with fire bombs and smashing of windows. Looks like life in Portland will be shit thanks to antifa.

Smooth brain?

“Where are these anti-violent members of American society and media when their elected officials are dropping bombs on brown people?”

Best two lines I have read in days on the protests. Not to make light of protests, but to expand the understanding that violence and brutality is at the core of the society, just not that visible when it happens to brownies in other places. No one in the media both old and new is making that connection…let alone our ‘resistance and anti racist’ politicians and ‘generals.’

What’s the bad news?

Meaning, life for rich and middle class people will be less privileged and they’ll have to share society’s gains with the poor.

Another columnist called it the American Spring – but our rebellion has long enough legs to carry it on, well into Summer. At the end of August they’re going to have a March on Washington with the families in front. Neither the repression nor the uprising look likely to stop, or even slow down, anytime soon.

“The president of the United States is threatening to invade the United States.”
– Ali Abunimah

Defund, disarm, and abolish the police!

Let’s take it up a level: Defund, disarm, and disband the military. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” as they say…

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A disturbing thought keeps nagging me. It came up again this morning, when my lockdown-partner wondered out loud whether George Floyd’s killing would have made such a stir, were it not for His Pestilency. It’s too true: to a significant degree we have H.P. (and, yet more disturbingly, Derek Chauvin) to thank for lighting the fuse. That’s how history works, nothing to do about it: Both extremes of very good and very bad (almost archetypally personified in George Floyd and Derek Chauvin) comprise the strange attractors which drive history.

The way Chauvin smirked at the camera while kneeling on Floyd’s neck, you wonder whether he wanted something to happen, and how what he expected compares to the way it went.

My immediate thought when i herd about what Chauvin did was “It sure looks like he’s intentionally trying to sow social chaos.”

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Couldn’t agree more. In America, it’s always ‘stop the violence’ told to those who are trying to remove the boot from their necks, who don’t have enough to eat, or jobs, or the right to jog on the streets. Corporate, police and military murder - not so much.

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