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'Stop This Fiscal Madness': Dems Urged to Vote Down 'Brainless Republican Idea' as Pelosi Plows Ahead With Pay-Go


'Stop This Fiscal Madness': Dems Urged to Vote Down 'Brainless Republican Idea' as Pelosi Plows Ahead With Pay-Go

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After the incoming House Democratic majority's newly released rules package made clear that presumptive Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is moving to ram through a fiscally conservative "pay-go" measure despite widespread grassroots opposition, progressives condemned the proposed rule as a harmful "roadblock" to a bold agenda and urged their representatives to vote it down.


Exactly why the corrupt Pelosi and the Democratic leader ship are for it!


I just love the fact that I have to beat up my bodyguard in order to lay a hand on my enemy!


We’re already in a world of bad economics.

The national treasury has been used to enrich multinational oil companies such as British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, who got the Iraqi oil contract after our government spent trillions of dollars on war, and we also accumulated hundreds of thousands of vets with lifetime brain injuries, with Gulf War Syndrome, with moral injuries. Yes there was corruption outside of war, but war is the hole in Uncle Sam’s arm where all the money goes.

The problem is, we can’t borrow any more. Humans in Greece have real needs but… Humans in Argentina have needs but…


This is the same Pelosi who every Democrat (except some crazy rightists) voted to be Speaker in the Dem Caucus. Will AOC, Kahanna and others now run against her - or at least vote against her - in the full House vote? It’s not like she isn’t transparent in her fealty to her oligarch and plutocrat bosses. It’s not like this stance was not both predictable…and predicted.

If the “progressive” Dems are going to be true to their words, they must challenge her speakership directly and put light on the Party and Corrupt Kabuki Kongress.


Pelosi is a nightmare that never ends. I understand that she seems to be the only one with the political savvy to keep the Dims on the same page - but is that such a good thing? I suspect there will be major battles within the party, and Her Dinosauress will continually stand for the elite class of which she is a part. I wish she would just fall over dead.


My first thought on seeing this “Pay-Go” nonsense was that is was how Pelosi intended to kill the momentum for single payer, or Medicare for all, or anything other than exclusionary corporate health insurance. This will also allow the cuts to Social Security which Democrats have been pushing for for decades, which are always the first thing mentioned when austerity is discussed, even though Social Security is a separate tax that adds nothing to the deficit. You will not, however, hear Pelosi discussing repealing the Republican tax giveaway to her rich donors…


Call your Congress critter and tell them No on Pay Go


Hasn’t 40 years been enough for Ms. Pelosi and the rest of the so-called Democratic “leadership” to shaft the American people? This slime-dripping package—and the neolib policy behind it—needs a stake rammed through its (lack of ) heart!


SOP for the IOP. They will cut their own throats to avoid having to govern in a progressive way.


Well said!!!




AMEN!!   How about “P-Go” instead (short for “P’Loser Must GO!!” ?

Not just The Lying Son-of-a-Bush, but bigger liars Cheney, Prince, Rummy and Yoo.  And don’t forget that P’Loser and O’Bummer let the Banksters – including Mnuchin – off the hook as well, and bailed them out
with OUR tax dollars instead.



Giving up isn’t an option. Sitting here complaining day after day accomplishes nothing.


The problem is that the leaders choose war over social needs every time.


This is a chance for those Democrats who call themselves progressives to show their true colors and a chance for Pelosi to experience rebellion within her ranks.


Well said! Like the impeachment of the war criminal Bush, that is off the table.


In my idealistic world, I would like to see her have a change of heart and do the right thing for the people. In the real world - the Devil’s world - I guess we wish our enemies death. That is a sad statement on humanity and us.


Zibig Brezinski’s lil’ gal on MSNBC is depressing the clutch for daddy’s ‘grand chessboard’ vehicle so that the duopoly can down shift and, pop the clutch and put the pedal to the metal. That woman is messing with karma that will be totally weighted against her.

Whee ha!! Mitt Romney is being kissed up as - note the weaponization of her allusion - “incoming” and all things ethical that Trump is not… you cannot make this $#!t up! The monster who slid in on wall street shite with leveraged buyouts leaving communities decimated. Ethical my ass!


GOP - When we have the majority we push through the farthest right agenda our caucus will tolerate.

DEMS - Same.