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'Stop This Illegal Purge': Outrage as Georgia GOP Removes More Than 300,000 Voters From Rolls

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/17/stop-illegal-purge-outrage-georgia-gop-removes-more-300000-voters-rolls

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“Institute for Law and Liberty” might as well be the “Institute for Wealth and Privilege.” Letting the rabble vote is not one of the “liberties” they support.


In the meantime, maybe Stacy Abrams’ group can help those who want it to get back on the voter rolls asap.


“And in response to the recent purges of hundreds of thousands of voters from the rolls of key swing states, the Democratic Party today announced a massive and unprecedented national voter registration drive…”

…sorry. I must have seen that headline in a dream, as Tom Perez and Nancy Pelosi have said absolutely NOTHING about this.
The GOP will now go on a national purge-o-Rama. It was all part of their end game. Gerrymander, stack the courts, purge the votes of any dissenting demographic, and then have those same stacked courts defend their right to do so.
This is fascism folks. First you commit the illegal act, then you make sure to change the law to make it legal. And then you tell everyone your followers that everyone that doesn’t like the new law is a communist.
Done, done, and done.


Who’s committing voter fraud again?


Rogue? That’s heroic or basic good journalism.


People should not lose the right to vote simply because they found no candidate whom they liked in recent elections. Inactivity does not cancel the right to vote any more than not using your soapbox and megaphone on the courthouse steps cancels your right to free speech.

This article, however, fudges the numbers a bit. Here is some detail from the Atlanta newspaper that carried the original story:

…registration cancellations target roughly 120,000 inactive voters who would otherwise be eligible to participate in elections but are being removed because they haven’t cast a ballot since at least 2012. The rest of the people on the cancellation list either moved from Georgia or mail sent to them by election officials was undeliverable.

So up to 180,000 of the purges may be legitimate.

Voter registration lists should be accurate - otherwise, everything turns into Mayor Daley’s Chicago, where cemetery dwellers sometimes voted several times instead of just once. In a world of ubiquitous surveillance, Google could probably locate everyone who is registered to vote and assert (with many errors) which ones should be deleted from the list. The return-a-postcard method avoids the algorithm’s flaws and provides a positive contact from the citizen.

More from the newspaper:

The notifications and other outreach efforts, including text messages to voters from four Democratic presidential candidates, appear to have saved about 4,000 voter registrations from cancellation.

This suggests that about 120,000 people don’t vote and don’t care whether they are registered.

Registration looks easy - it’s at “register-to-vote/sos/GA/gov…” etc.

If everyone in Georgia checked their registration online everyday, they could crash the system and prevent more Republican shenanigans.


Dear Mr. Peabody,

  1. Yes, every Chicago active resident has at least 15,000 absentee ballots in their car trunk. These have dollar value.
  2. Same day voter registration solves this problem.
  3. Indiana voter purge was by drivers licenses issued to former residents who had already moved to other states. 3a) Heck, most of the Purdue grads move to Illinois! As an example.
  4. At the top of the ballot, in general elections, voters may choose to select all the candidates a party has running. This is lazy voting but is just what got trump elected and the senators, state candidates and local too.
  5. Democrats are quite lazy getting our young peoples to join and become active citizens, paying attention to details and voting with gusto.

Why it’s the republicans, the same group/cult/gang/throng of miscreants, you know, the ones who ALWAYS do the dirty deeds come election season.


If someone has chosen not to vote for at least two federal elections and mail is undeliverable to the registered address, why shouldn’t they be deregistered?

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“This flawed ruling doesn’t provide enough time or notice for voters to comply.”

Re-register everyone. Yes, they know this is a hardship for poor voters but why wait? Officials will not be pleased at all for all the extra paper work. Oh, make sure you photo copy front and back your registration and get someone to go with you to submit it in person as a witness.

Georgia voters are being removed from the rolls solely because they have decided not to participate in recent elections.

Time we break the southern white racists hold on power. Re-register everyone> Was any white person prevented from voting for not having participated in previous recent elections before black emancipation?

Re-register everyone! Donate to this effort by supporting Fair Fight Action:


They know the less people that vote the better it is for them.
This is the opposite of democracy by the people for the people.

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That should not matter and is irrelevant.

People need to reregister when they move. The problem becomes that too many who move within state are not aware of this and the trick of these mailings is that they resemble junk mailings so they are ignored. This can all be remedied by issuing for life a voter ID that is also your Social Security card. You should be able to vote even if out of state say visiting friends or relatives or any other reason. Gerrymandering must be abolished and so the two party system, make elections soley funded by the public and abolish the Electoral College of the Elites.


None of this happens in the world of actual federal democracies. There is no “voter registraton” every time you move; no “motor voter”. The voter is quietly put on the rolls by the federal government when they turn 18 and their address is tracked from tax returns or other corresponcence with the government. The voter is then mailed a reminder of their constituency/district/riding and polling place. The voter does nothing but go and vote.

In the US the constitution requires that elections be run by the individual states which adds a lot of complexity and opportunities for political corruption.


Some call it law. I call it tyranny.


My wife and I moved out of GA about six years ago.
We’re purged from the rolls, but registered here in MI.

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I’d word it in reverse. Mail that’s undeliverable to the registered address suggests that the addressee no longer lives there - and hence may not be qualified to vote in that precinct. Not voting in several elections supports that inference by suggesting that the registered person is indeed residing elsewhere.

I’m curious about the phrase “undeliverable to the registered address”.
I’ve received mail at my house that was addressed to someone who did not live there - so the mail was delivered. The phrase suggests that the address does not exist. That’s a good reason to purge the person’s registration. Can anyone clarify?

P. S. - The quote function did not work, so only the last word of your comment appeared.

If the people of the U.S. have their vote taken away it’s time to storm the state and/or federal capitals and demand it be reinstated. Anarchy will be necessary otherwise.
And trump is on the edge of Hitler and Mussolini territory. The 25th Amendment must be invoked.
We live in a fantasy land where the likes of a trump becoming the president should never have happened.


It is “cowardice” but will they get away with it. I can’t imagine a judge ruling against a voter’s right to vote who has chosen not to vote. That’s very simply their fundamental right to exercise or not.


Why is consistently not voting in some number of elections not relevant?

As for doing a change of address or re-registering, are people that lazy? Begs the question of whether someone should vote if they can’t do something as simple as a change of address. Yes, I know, intellect should not be a determinant of voting rights.

As for “junk mail” easily fixable by the state Secretary of State and County Auditors. Been fixed in many places.