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'Stop Trump... Save the Planet': Thousands March Against US President in Brussels


'Stop Trump... Save the Planet': Thousands March Against US President in Brussels

Common Dreams staff

"Stop Trump. Save the planet."

That was a key message of the thousands, if not tens of thousands, who marched in the streets of Brussels on Wednesday as U.S. President Donald Trump arrived ahead of a NATO summit meeting.


Poor Donald! Looks like he’ll no longer be feeling the love that he got from the
Saudis. Reality time, my man!


Rump is Mammon, The Money-power. How can poor progressives beat rich conservatives at their own game?

Direct Democracy


Direct democracy NOW


Thank you, people of Brussels!
Lets keep the pressure on!


This article is misleading, making it seem as if the primary purpose of these protests is to denounce Trump, adding almost as an afterthought that “protesters were also organizing against NATO’s arms race.”

This is cheap partisan BS. I live in Europe and, believe me, the primary purpose, by far, of these protests, is to denounce the war policies of NATO and the stranglehold that the EU austerity policies have on working people across the continent.

Trump is simply an accessory, albeit an odious one, especially as leader of the most bellicose nation of all.


The plutocrat framers of the US Constitution saw a danger in democracy, called it “tyranny of the majority” and called plutocracy “representative democracy”.


And many communities organizing online to determine their future instead of a few politicians and billionaires.


The ginger pig pisses down our backs and tells us it’s raining…


Wonder if the orange oaf’s handlers had to drive many miles out of the way to avoid the protestors thus preventing the emperor from seeing them. And no TV for the demented dimwit, for sure. But that would be futile because Wilbur R. would tell him how awful it is that Belgium allows such actions and why can’t they be more like the Saudis? And like Ross, they all wonder why they are reviled the world over (Kushner and the golden child included).


It the only “Trickle Down” the people will ever get from the rich.


If you needed proof that countries supplying arms and troops to countries not even threatening themselves, that such action just escalates the number of terrorists see…

There is an increase in world wide human misery from regional civil uprisings from the dispossessed, leading to civil, religious and regional wars which just add to the misery and individual personal loss and destroy the infrastructure which used to support stable and harmonious populations. The world economy is unlikely to be in a position to replace the homes, businesses and infrastructure which is increasingly being destroyed by insane wars. Selling arms to conflict areas, quite often to both sides of the dispute is insane. Politicians who claim that it benefits the workers who make armaments in their own countries have blood on their hands for escalating relatively minor conflicts to full blown wars. Sending troops as cannon fodder to these countries that can never be argued as being defensive actions just adds to the insanity. The ‘terrorist’ events like the recent suicide bombing in Manchester can never be sanctioned and those who suffer need every support to recover from such actions. However, it is interesting to note that it is rare for a country not selling arms, not providing troops or providing any support for the increasing number of countries involved in civil or major conflicts, to be attacked by terrorists. Some religious beliefs encompass the doctrine that there should be retaliation on the basis of an eye for an eye or a life for a life. In any event, some who lose their families, homes, businesses and stable lifestyles will inevitably feel they have nothing else to lose by attempting some kind of retribution. So those who instigate and agree to send armaments and troops to conflict areas must take the full responsibility for any retaliatory ‘terrorist’ action. I am not a political person, however those who promise to withdraw us from foreign conflicts and spend the vast sums of tax payers money on their own country will, inevitably reduce the potential for ‘terrorist’ attacks. To add to the insanity, the armament industry continues to enrich their owners with blood money and those countries supplying arms and troops end up using tax payers money to send aid to conflict areas. No arms sales and supply of troops to other country disputes and conflicts are unlikely to escalate! If your country is not seen to be the cause of additional misery in conflict areas, it is less likely to be attacked by the dispossessed. According to several politicians, selling arms is good for jobs in the UK…right! Blood on the people making them and on the politicians that OK and actively promote the sales to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent fellow humans!