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Stop Trying to Overthrow Assad


Stop Trying to Overthrow Assad

Paul F. deLespinasse

General David Petraeus recently told Congress that the United States is not doing enough in Syria. On the contrary, we have been doing too much.

There is no such thing as an ideal foreign policy. An ideal world would have a universal government with no need to conduct foreign relations. Unfortunately, recent American foreign policy fails to achieve even the lesser evils allowed by an imperfect world.


Bifurcated thinking is what splits the world–falsely–into limited camps and categories of purported good and evil.

From the article:

"Thomas Friedman argues that our planet is divided into areas of order and areas of disorder. Noting refugees pouring into Europe, he says “we have only two ways to halt this refugee flood, and we don’t want to choose either: build a wall and isolate these regions of disorder, or occupy them with boots on the ground, crush the bad guys and build a new order based on real citizenship, a vast project that would take two generations.”

Not withstanding the fact that Friedman is an unapologetic water-carrier for the military industrial complex and supporter of its legacy of warfare, the THIRD way is typically the one that transcends the paradigm of unrelenting deadlock. In other words, it’s the path that flies over The Cuckoo’s Nest:

“We do have a third choice that could minimize expanding the world of disorder: stop military interventions to overthrow bad regimes, and stop supporting domestic insurrections.”


Going back a century to Sykes-Picot, where lines in the sand were drawn by the west for the middle easterners to observe, the rise of heavy-handed leadership for the latter sits squarely on the Franco-Anglo-American powers. Disparate populations, many of which were still nomadic to boot, were closed into a political fustercluck of outsized proportion.

Going back to Oded Yinon it is clear that the desire to destabilize and balkanize the Islamic populations of the middle east has been a priority for the Greater Israel project. US and UK complicity in this effort is sickening as clearly it is not the will of an (uninformed) public.

I wholly agree that we should leave Assad alone. Now if you ask me about overthrowing Bibi…


Seems to me that if Assad falls there is a good probability of mass executions of Alawites.


Get bombed or shot at enough times and after a while you begin to understand that America is not there to save you.


Dear Armybrat, thank you for this summary. You are so right. For the sons of oil brats who do care about people in the Middle East and in Syria in particular, it has been a descent into hell these past fourteen years of PNAC warfare.
We watch the trillions of dollars going over there for death and destruction while our people are homeless and hungry.
We spent more than a decade in the Peace Movement and worked hard, but our government is controlled by monsters. Europe is complicit and Tony Blair, don’t get me started.


The Christians (Syrian Orthodox Church) who the Assads have historically protected from discrimination to a considerable degree will also be exterminated - although I suspect that a majority of them have already fled the country.


Isn’t there a story out (the movie Syriana was based on it) that we also had Assad’s brother taken out so the Assad could rule (back when he was the more compliant one)?

I wonder how may of our former “good guys” have a WTF!?!? moment when they realize their former “ally” has totally turned against them.


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What happens when you don’t prosecute your war criminals: