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'Stop TTIP': Global Day of Action Draws Tens of Thousands


'Stop TTIP': Global Day of Action Draws Tens of Thousands

- Common Dreams staff

Demonstrators marched around the globe Saturday to protest at the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a 'free trade' agreement currently being negotiated between the European Union (EU) and the United States.


No TTIP!!! And no TPP!!!

In the present and immediate future, stopping these disastrous “trade” pacts has got to be the first priority of resistence.

Let your Senators and Congress person know - NO TTP.


10s of millions were in the streets against the invasion of Iraq and what happened 4-6 trillions of dollars and 14 years of war and no end in sight.


You ARE a troll… you take the air out of everything that’s being done to fight corporate-military controls.


Those who control the voting process control the vote especially if it is electronic.


Old Lefty here - not a troll . .
But gotta say that the “land of the brave” is MIA here.
More like the land of the timid and cowed.


I can’t think of any way we can put any air (or effect of any kind) into everything that’s being done to fight corporate-military controls. What have we done? Things seem to get worse as each day goes by. Even when we have tons of evidence of who attacked us on 9/11, the same bastards stay in power to do even more evil with war after war and the trashing of our Constitution. The ‘news’ each day is just more lies. The people watch the ‘news’ and get more frightened and timid as the false flags happen and get exposed as false, (Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing and of course the Muslim attack on 9/11). People can not face what this means in the degree of evil, corruption and greed in all three branches of our federal government. We focus on the coming election which will be like all the other ones when we try to figure out which of our two political parties is the worst. Isn’t it enough to know they are both bad? How can we vote for either of these two parties of psychopaths? And now we are going to contact our ‘Representatives’ about not voting for TPP? Yeah, like those corporate lackeys give a damn for what the people say. Isn’t that obvious?

I am afraid of a revolution. Look at how easily the military shut down the City of Boston. Look at the military equipment your local police has to end our protests. The prison camps are ready for us if we survive being arrested for protesting. We will be shot dead on the streets. All of us will get the same treatment as young black men do now.

As a last ditch attempt to get a change in our rotten government we all must stop giving any legitimacy of our single political party–the Demorepublicans.

You must not vote for a Democrat or a Republican. We must totally clean out the House of Representatives and the Senate. Take us a few years to get rid of them, but WE MUST DO IT.


Since I was in Seattle in 99, sounds like you must be talking about me. Except I do not drink and your pejorative about what happened in Seattle sounds like an ad hominem.


Is that Seattle in Germany, then?


Our “political process” will never work at this point. Either you stand up or continue living under the boot. You’ve got to be willing to do that, or at least give an impression you will. If you’re not willing to give all then you’re not serious–yet.


I have recently read that there is a six month hold on the new Attorney General? In reading the article it seemed to say if you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. If society as a whole can intermingle and be respectful; then why is it that The US Government holds money and favors above human decency? It is very apparent Worldwide that the US Government are easily bought for personal gain. Revelations says that men will be lovers of money with no natural affection. Is it not enough to see the pit before falling in? Especially, if it involves a Worldwide pandemic realization that in History no one person has been able to control the Earth?


These people have legitimate grievances and are taking action as best they can.

Interesting that you have no criticism whatsoever for the bloody billionaires who are creating their own system of governance that is not accountable to those people “parading down the street”.

Just whose side are you on?


The war against Iraq is now in its 24th year.