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Stop U.S. from Making Syria War Even Worse


Stop U.S. from Making Syria War Even Worse

Diane Randall

More bombs won't end the crisis in Syria. After more than six years of war, with millions displaced and a death toll of nearly half a million people, it's clear that there is no military solution to this crisis.

But for years the U.S. has bombed Syria,and last night, the U.S. expanded the war by attacking a Syrian government airbase.

Tell Congress: Don't let the U.S. escalate the war in Syria.



Good to see the Quaker activists on CD. FCNL also has notifications on legislative actions impacting Native Americans - for those who want to make those considerations part of their daily life.


Thank you, oldgoat. I signed it also. Have always greatly respected Quaker peace activists for their commitment and consistency in opposition to ALL war.


"Congress must take back its Constitutional Responsibility to decide when, and if, the US decides to go to War."

How many Congresspersons and Executives, still living, have abrogated their Sworn Oath, to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution, against all enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC?

We have an Illegitimate Government.

We're NOT being Represented.

They SHOULD all be Tried.


Coyote, Good points.

Imagine for a moment if all of the Democrats in the House and the Senate, after having agreed that Trump again, broke Constitutional Law by firing missIles into a country which had not attacked the United States, imagine if they collectively addressed the Joint Chiefs and said if any further military actions were taken without congressional approval against a nation which posed no threat to the United States, they would seek to file charges of War Crimes against the Generals that carried out those unauthorized military actions.

Do you think this would shake things up?

I'd really like some input on this as I think Congress, at least all of the Independents and Democrats should get on board with forcing this President to respect the Constitution.

Did Congress go on recess?


The Press is what went on Recess, along with the Television and Broadcast Media.

Without a Daily Response from the Real Left (not the MMM Right Wing Lite version), the American Populace, as a whole, knows nothing except what the Captured Media propagandizes, and therefore there is no Real SOURCE of Pressure on Congress to do the right thing.

We need our own Party.

How this is achieved is of great concern, for, as in the Bernie Campaign, we saw that if they chop off the Head of the Movement, it dissipates.

We need Actual Grass Roots Organizations springing up all over the Nation.

It's said that, when dealing with disease, the human body can successfully fight battles on two fronts (two different health challenges at the same time), but usually will be defeated if confronted with three.

We must present resistance on so many fronts as to be Unstoppable.

We know the Desire is there, we showed it backing Bernie.

Now we must marshal the Will.

Keep swinging, PonyBoy, maybe, somehow, we can Carry it Home.


" It is clear that there is no military solution to this crisis."

But Diane, don't you realize that is the last thing the military wants?


Where is Bernie Sanders? Why do we not hear from him about theses things? Why am I and why are you spending time trying to solve the world's problem when those with power and influence are silent?
Our leaders need to lead, or get out of the way.