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Stop Watching Them: Federal Court Squashes Unwarranted Cell Phone Tracking


Stop Watching Them: Federal Court Squashes Unwarranted Cell Phone Tracking

Jon Queally, staff writer

In what civil liberties groups hope will lead to an end of unchecked cell phone tracking of U.S. residents, a federal court of appeals has ruled that law enforcement agencies cannot obtain a person’s historical cell phone location information from cell phone companies without a legal warrant signed by a judge.


“Smart” phones are a great symbol of human progress. They are empowering for our needs and wants, but are quickly co-opted by nefarious forces to keep us in check. Javert from “Les Miserables” comes to mind. Oh, did I say “progress”?


If the police state and the “intelligence” forces cared about courts and laws, we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place. They will do whatever they want and make the laws comply when they get caught.


The people’s representatives should determine constitutionality, not the Supreme Court.


The People’s representatives passed the Patriot Act and other assorted laws which created this surveillance state. We know where they stand. The problem now is SCOTUS, the Supreme Corporatists of the United States. Will they shackle the warmongers and the burgeoning private industry springing out of the surveillance state for the sake of the people’s right to privacy? This is all about power–not security. We the people must build power so we can kick the corporatists out and take possession of our own government. Only then will we be secure in our persons and homes.


There is a point when people are going to realize that speech and actions dont match. Unfortunetly it wont be today. In my journey through speech communication focused on neuro-linguistics, I have found that people dont get the idea that words mean nothing in the abstract. Abstract thought is almost impossible to achieve without education in critical thought. Abstract is not the concrete, but the overall view of things. Example: we as humans eat, pee, and poop, that is abstract. This understanding leads to aspects such as someone might do something bad or mean because their tummy hurts because they need to go, or it could be that politicians that have poor eating habits might not be all there, example: If Cheney had highblood pressure, his brain would not be working like a healthy brain, from that could lead to poor decision making because his electrons arent moving appropriatly across his synapsis gaps, just like people have anger issues when they have high blood pressure. Now imagine someone growing up in a certain place in a certain time, such as the 50’s, the McCarthy era AND pre-desegregation. That would produce a particular philosphy. If you grew up white, you probably would have a job, a place to live, so on and so forth. That too would produce a certain thought, mainly of security, like the Maslow’s Pyramid. (I use Maslow’s Pyramid for simple examples, there are others). Now, with all of that said, imagine how the colonialists acted towards Natives, they had little access to potable water, ate heavily salted meats, and didnt know exactly what the next day would bring. They would have been dehydrated as a norm, we know historically they had a tendency to have high blood pressure, and wther on the East coast could be horrendous. As a human, the brain would have been confused, not mentally, but would have issues trying to keep up with all the bodily issues. Now imagine being a wellfed, and well kept Native (from their view point) and coming across people that would be close to starvation, and include how the brain works, again the Maslow’s Pyramid, lacking security, the human would have not been so pleasant, which is what the Natives found out all too well. Back to Cheney, he called off the jets that could have taken out some if not all the planes that ‘took down the twin towers’ and the other two people seem to forget about, was this because he was ‘hangry’- hungry/angry? Or did his philosphy from his past come into play? Such as: if he let the planes go, they would be piloted by brown skinned people, the second set of people Americans love to hate. Knowing that racist would and did come out of the woodworks would only help in elections. So much so that an unconstitutional no recount in Florida could have taken place. Some of this is correlation, but most is conclusions based very much on brain sceince. Now imagine a Free mason philosophy of ‘pheonix from the ashes’ and a poor diet that leads to high blood pressure, what a combo that could be: destroying everything around you to produce a police state that killed or imprisonment of brown and black skinned folk, which comes from anger. Again, a correlation, not a conclusion, but…


Yay, Fourth Circuit!

Let’s hope the USSC remains rational, uses precedent, and relies on the Constitution this time, if it’s appealed.


If whats appealed, the constitution? LOL


It was recently discovered that the earliest Anglicans at Jamestown had severe lead poisoning from their ability to buy their very expensive flatware and drinking items. Native Americans ate with their hands, often times. It is also well known that Europeans didn’t bathe very often while many Native Americans bathed daily when possible and had much healthier lifestyles, in general. Their animism and love of the natural taught them many wonderful things. But, Dick Cheney was insane long before 9/11. He’s been insane since he was a young man in Wyoming. He’s also a coward and … high blood pressure is what we got the day he entered into our national politics.


We just became telepathic. you are reading my mind. No hierarchy can withstand a loss of control over information. Start designing the future. Remember, Euro-Christian dominance over global culture is tenuous and less than 150 years old. Western civ isn’t the only civilization.


European culture has only conquered and suppressed other cultures for little more than a century. It is neither invincible nor inevitable.


In addition to tracking American citizens via their cell phones and GPS devices, the U.S. government’s spy agencies (FBI, CIA, etc) have another tracking method when an individual does not carry a cell phone and/or GPS device. They can track an individual/target by employing private contractors and citizen volunteers (Infragard, private investigators, etc.). The government agencies can track the cell phones of these participants as they perform vehicle and pedestrian surveillance of a target. This allows government satellites to track an individual without a cell phone or tracking device in a moving grid at all times.

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