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'Stop With This Recklessness': Allies Warn Right-Wing Attacks Could Get Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Killed


'Stop With This Recklessness': Allies Warn Right-Wing Attacks Could Get Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Killed

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Rep. Ilhan Omar is being targeted once again by both Republicans and Rupert Murdoch's right wing media machine, raising concerns among her supporters and colleagues about the level of hate being directed at her—and prompting a vigorous defense from some of her fellow House freshmen.

"Are Murdoch-owned media outlets—Fox News, the New York Post—trying to get Congresswoman [Omar] killed? Genuine question. I mean, this is just astonishing." -- journalist Medhi Hasam



AIPAC was targeting Omar with negative ads on social media prior to this latest blow up. This is a very dangerous game.

They’re targeting Bernie Sanders, too:



How about the backing of Nancy Pelosi and Steny (prostrate yourself before Aipac) Hoyer? These leaders need to start defending their Reps. NOW!!



The truth is indeed a dangerous position in the US Congress…and it is not just the right wing nut jobs that are dangerous.



Maybe some could put Jewish-Fascist Netanyahu on a hit list.

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“In an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is considered a revolutionary act” - George Orwell



While I admire this Muslim woman’s bravery; nonetheless, it worries me that she could be in danger from so much vitriol from right wing nut attacks. Stay safe Omar. And by the way, would someone please explain to me why Muslims are so hated by the white nationalists and racists?



Notice how many US elected Democratic Wall Street Puppets defend either Ilhan Omar or Sanders, or any others who call out the elected bipartisan puppets?


Saying nothing, their silence is considered by the perpetrators proof of their approval of the attacks!

Saying nothing, they are also indicating they are comfortable being cowards while the democratic republican experiment called the USA is being assaulted by racist bigots, religious hypocrites, political hirelings, and all sorts of DISREPUTABLE CITIZENS who are so incompetent as citizens they are only proving they have nothing to say that is worth saying! Pence & Trump are but their most holy divines.

Hey, Democrats, if you want this independent’s vote to not go to another candidate, BE DEMOCRATS FOR A CHANGE!



It’s all about the money and Pelosi and co get lots of money from AIPAC and the likes for their campaigns. They are blinded by their own stupidity–and the Benjamins.



I could give several answers but this may get by the moderators. The color of their skin. May she be safe in her life. Sometimes I’m appalled at calling myself an American due to so many idiots giving the peaceful, nice ones a bad name.



The Democratic leadership are happy to see Omar go down.

Rather than beg them for support, primary them and get rid of them.



The ponzi wants to claim that all else but itself is a ponzi.
The predatory, brittle empire is in constant construction of narrative halls of mirrors as it has already lost any rooting in integrity and can do nothing except weaponize from A to Z. This spins onto exponential feed-back loop insensate, murderous stupidity. This is what Chelsea Manning’s release of Collateral Murder verified. Its the societal empire version of late-stage syphilis and leprosy. Come to think of it, one of the signs of a sociopath is that they go way beyond denial, they scoff at the notion of being a sociopath.



If Malcolm X were still on this earth he would send a stern warning to folks like Rupert Murdoch. Malcolm would probably say If anything should happen to the young congress woman those responsible will receive the maximum retaliation! As Malcolm once said speak the language of the Klan and they’re straighten up!



Trump and the GOP have operated like an organized crime syndicate for decades so its no surprise that they and their faux noise station have “fingered” (in the context of the long standing mafia term) Omar and others.

Islamaphobia is rooted in a strategy to steal as much oil from Islamic nations as possible and to never stop adding contrived enemies to an ever growing list of enemies, a strategy that Josef Goebbels’ play book mandated and has proven very effective in growing and maintaining fascist regimes during the past 90 plus years.



Dear Rupert Murdoch: I think you have things mixed up, and maybe you should read American history. It was awful that 3,000 people died on 9/11—but with all the spy people, I wonder how they missed that?
However, as bad as that was, I would have to rank Hiroshima and Nagasaki as worse—due to the total horror produced by America’s bombs, as sadly, Russia was about to take Japan down, but you know how America is—melting people’s eyeballs and burning shadows into concrete walls is so much more impressive, along with totally vaporing huge populations! So, Rupert, knock it off—maybe you should leave the ladies alone and read more history.



Hi Olhippy: I am wondering about where AIPAC gets its money. Is it possible that of all the millions that Israel gets every year-----is it possible that Israel funds AIPAC, and that taxpayer money is used and it’s actually using taxpayer money against taxpayers?

I was thinking about this when reading that Trump is cutting the food stamp people who are out of work to just 3 months of support. I am wondering why tax payers get 3 months and Israel gets 70 years of money.



As usual, AOC cut through the BS on this issue. Truth stands out like a shiny penny with all the slime balls that tend to gather around this administration.



The US Congress must right now provide around-the-clock armed protection for Ilhan Omar. She is one courageous and beautiful young woman who is not afraid (though she has every reason to be) to speak truth to power. Every word she has dared to speak is the TRUTH without exception.
Every American citizen capable of rational thought should be demanding, and I mean DEMANDING her immediate protection.
I am just an old observing Canadian but the only hope I see for the future of this, our only planet, lies with young, thinking and truly courageous people like Ms. Omar, Without them we are finished.



This just in, the co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, Omar Barghouti, has been denied entry to the US, where he had a speaking tour scheduled, despite having valid travel documents. This was done in Tel Aviv from the US consulate, not Israeli, orders.



It’s also about the media coverage of their candidacy as well. Media controls the thoughts of the deluded electorate.