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'Stop Your Cowardice': In Kentucky, Sanders Calls Out McConnell for Ignoring Protesting Coal Miners and Blocking $15 Minimum Wage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/26/stop-your-cowardice-kentucky-sanders-calls-out-mcconnell-ignoring-protesting-coal

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I hope Democrats can get their heads out of the Corporate ass long enough to nominate Bernie.

Bernie would be the most Progressive candidate to ever run for President on a major party ticket.

His labor platform, announced last week, is the most pro-labor platform since the height of the New Deal.

His Green New Deal was stolen from Howie Hawkins, and watered down a little, but it would represent a quantum leap forward in the right - left - direction in terms of U.S. Energy policy, and an big, important, incremental, step towards saving the planet from the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

And finally, Bernie’s statements about going to war with White Supremacy, and fighting the Corporatists and the Oligarchs, were reflective of his life-long commitment to putting the interests of the people ahead of the interests of the powerful.

There will still be a lot of work to do, after Bernie is elected, to build the more just society that we, Progressives and leftists, want to build, but, as I see it, Bernie is a necessary step in getting there.


McConnell is the most unpopular senator in his home state. Yet he’s going to coast to re-election.


mcconnell is an EVIL thing!


And the Democrats can’t offer up an alternative outside of Republican Lite.

Welcome to KY, home to this:

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Mitch McChinless is another threat to our national security. I hope the DNC has the cajones to nominate Bernie this time around. I saw Bernie in person when he spoke at the Minnesota State Fair. Bernie! Bernie!


The right-wing hypocrites had a clarion call to Harry Reed to have up or down votes. It still rings in my ears. They WERE so insistent.
What does it say about people who think they are always right.
Selfish fools I say.


How the DNC can look at the likes of Bernie, AOC, and oh so many others of their kind with pause is why I proudly never registered for a political party. I self-define myself as a Progressive Independent when asked. Ironically, both parties are entrenching themselves further by appearing to be simultaneously imploding–but note that campaign-finance reform has not been touched. Twain would have had a field day with this.


It’s not about cajones, pilot, it is about the DNC not wanting the wealth-slanted status quo rocked.


I couldn’t agree more. So maybe it’s not about having cajones… but rather doing the right thing.


And, I fear, the DNC is incapable of that type of act.


Just so anyone was wondering. When asked how things will get done, it isn’t just getting wonks together to create amazing policies. You also need to do this, and the Democrats might want to nominate someone worth more than a sweaty pile of socks.


“mcconnell is an EVIL thing!”

…which brings me to my basic dissent from Sanders’ good remarks.

Rhetorically, in terms of political language, I’m fine with his calling Mc. to stop his “cowardice”…

…But the reality is McConnell is not hurting working people of his state and the US - and, for that matter, the planet - because he’s “worried” what his billionaire friends will think.

The miners who sought audience’ with McConnell? - he didn’t flip them the bird because he was afraid.

McConnell hurts working and poor people because he has power, identifies with political domination by the rich, and actively seeks the economic and political subordination of poor and working people.

In other words, to come back to your point, McConnell doesn’t hurt people because he’s a coward. He hurts the people he does because he’s one of the bad ones.


Bad to the Bone.

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Far from cowardly, McConnell boldly asserts control, which is precisely his job.

And the way that the 18% of the population living in red states can keep Mitch in power guarantees he or his successor will be there a long time. My prediction a long way out until November 2020: the d-party gains two or fewer seats in the senate.

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Well this is interesting. Bernie & Liz now on top. And this: “Biden lost support over the past two months among Democrats who call themselves moderate or conservative (from 40% to 22%) with the shift among these voters accruing to both Sanders (from 10% to 20%) and Warren (from 6% to 16%).”


“And, I fear, the DNC is incapable of that type of act.”

“Power concedes nothing without a demand,” as a great American wrote.

Just a note of caution: current polling is all over the map.

Yes of course I know that. But a couple more of these and the race will split wide open.

And, others are starting to drop out. Inslee out, who’s next to withdraw? From their photo graphic it looks like 5 have withdrawn so far.

And i see in this poll Williamson is starting to trend up, probably too steep a hill to climb but good to see.

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