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#StopC51: Protests Grow Against Expansive Canadian Surveillance Bill


#StopC51: Protests Grow Against Expansive Canadian Surveillance Bill

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Canadian activists are taking part in a weekend of action against the controversial C-51 surveillance bill currently making its way through Parliament.


In “the information age” the obsession with mass surveillance is the rebranding of ‘colonization’. Instead of the ‘cunning use of flags’ we have…


Bill C-51 is being implemented because of pressure from the U.S. government which in turn has been directed by their special interest groups to promote sales of various security apparatus, defence contractors and right wing groups who fear democratic institutions. Canada’s current Prime Minister is a loyal, corporate sycophant who idolizes everything American. He expects a large, corporate position after he leaves office and has nothing except disdain for the 99%. However, Harper has cleverly played many ethnic groups in Canada (Jews, Ukrainians, Chinese, Polish, etc.) with the expectation that his Party will grab 35% of the vote and keep the Conservatives (Canada’s corporate party) in power. Because Canada has four major left wing parties (Liberals, Bloc, NDP and Greens), the “left” vote is routinely split by the existence of four parties resulting in a Conservative majority time after time. It’s a classic case of a progressive population being led by an anti-progressive agenda using the democratic/parliamentary system to undermine the majority. Though the system is more democratic than the American system, it is almost as easily manipulated by a handful of special interest groups. At least alternatives are offered (unlike the faux dual party system in the U.S.) and once in a while Canadians experience a surprise victor. But in the long run, the deep pockets of the various corporations that have a direct interest in controlling the government, are quite successful at manipulating the system. C-51 will pass (Conservatives have a majority government) despite the public outrage and Harper will feel that he has ingratiated himself further to his American puppet masters preparing for his post-political career.


There used to be a saying: “When America sneezes, the world catches cold.”


Good analysis.


Speaking as a born Canadian, I can tell you Harper ACTUALLY SAID: “When I’m done with Canada you won’t recognize it.”

I don’t recognize the neo-Con, corporate-enslaved, American-centric, warmonger nation that the Harperites have made of my once inclusive, peaceful, prosperous home. In less than a decade.

After having absolutely failed as our “Economist PM”, Harper is angling for an “international statesman” job, having sat down with Bill and Melinda and promised Canadian tax$$ to support the Gates’ Foundation and UNICEF “Maternal Health” program. The catch is, Harper is covertly pushing his born-again, Tea Party Christian anti-reproductive-rights agenda, while pretending to help women world wide.

That Harper is also pushing for the 100% surveillance state at the US’s “suggestion” is no surprise. Little Prince Stevie has yet to find a power-mad US/corporate agenda he couldn’t force on Canadians.

Canadians should have been informed that Stevie flunked out of UofToronto after 2 months of first semester. Our PM couldn’t accomplish by honest hard work what 1,000’s of “average” Canadian kids do each year. Graduate from a top-tier Cdn university. And he’s running the country with a conniving, dictatorial fist.

In Canada with a majority gov’t, we literally elect a dictator for 4 years. Short of a party coup, or the PM committing murder, the PM cannot be unseated by the voters or the Parliament. Party voting discipline within the House is so strict that no backbenchers dare vote against any confidence or budget bill.

Harper has extended the power of the Prime Minister’s Office beyond anything imagined in any other Westminster-based government.


More war and more surveillance is not the answer to terrorism.


Meanwhile The Turkish Media reports that the Canadian Embassy In Jordan, run by a hand picked friend of Stephen Harper was being used to recruit militants to join ISIS. In this article a person working for that embassy was arrested in Turkey as he tried to smuggle three British Girls into Syria so as to join ISIS.

The person arrested confessed that he worked for the Canadian Intelligence services.

ISIS relies on war materials coming from abroad to sustain their campaign in the field… While the press claims all of those western munitions and weapons ISIS seems lavishly equipped with are being captured from The Iraqi Military the Russian media, Iraqi press and Fars news agency in Iran all claim that the arms are being supplied by Western Governments.

In a speech given to the UN several months ago , David Cameron linked people who questioned 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings in Britain to violent extremists in the Middle East all but claiming they one and the same. He made this link so as to promote closer surveillance of a countries citizens in the interests of “National Security”…

Harper, Cameron Obama and the Governments of the Western countries all work towards the same goals. They are manufacturing terrorism abroad and at home so as to link the two and thus stifle ANY dissent in the interests of “national Security”.

Fascists one and all.


I must say, I disagree with a couple points.

First, Canada does not have 4 leftist parties. The Bloc is not a leftist party, they are a nationalist party. The Liberals are not a leftist party, they are a neoliberal corporatist party (who, by the way, support C51). The NDP used to be a leftist party but have been quite successfully co-opted by the neoliberal counter-revolution.

Canada has between 0.5 and 1.5 leftist parties.

I would also disagree with the general characterization of this process as one of Americanization. This is a process of totalitarianism; of the construction of a police state. This is not a program unique to the U.S, while the strategy mirrors theirs. This is a statist, corporate agenda that suits the interests of capitalist authoritarian elites here in Canada. This is a global phenomenon driven by authoritarian capitalism, it is not a unique American phenomenon.

This process will not be reversed when Justin Trudeau (Trudeau the 2nd) becomes PM. This is an inevitable development of the capitalist State in the technological age.


The Bloc is actually a anti-nationalist party trying to garner more independence from Ottawa, but their platform is strictly left with promises of expanded healthcare, universal daycare, free tuition and quite a few other ‘socialist’ ideas. Even if the Bloc is not truly ‘left’ in practice, they try to appeal to a general leftist populace that makes up the majority of Quebecers. I agree with you that in reality the Liberals are not a left party either, but again their rhetoric is strictly aimed at wooing the left into their camp whether it is the legalization of marijuana, protesting Harper’s bombing of innocents abroad or their feigned concern for aboriginal rights, the Liberals have at least always claimed that they represent a more kind and compassionate alternative to the right wing policies of the Conservatives.
As for the NDP, again you may be correct that they have drifted toward the centre, but again their message is aimed at hard core leftists. The NDP was born out a time when unions envisioned an expanded inclusiveness even though this never materialized.
I also agree that this program is not unique to the U.S., but American corporations hold much more sway over our government that any other foreign entity. Canadian and American corporate agendas are quite often one and the same. Without the collapse of American corporatism, it is unlikely that corporatism anywhere else will retreat from the global stage.
Finally, I also agree that nothing will change with the election of Trudeau, however I’m not convinced that his ascendence to the Prime Ministers’ office is as automatic as many Canadians now believe. At least I hope not.
Canadians overwhelmingly believe in a leftist/progressive agenda that includes everything from recognizing global warming, preserving universal healthcare and ending our involvement in foreign wars. This is reflected in the annual polls from coast to coast that choose David Suzuki as the “most trusted Canadian” despite his incredibly anti-capitalist message that he has been conveying for the last 60 years. All political parties in Canada know this and therefore attempt to appeal to this large segment of the population. In principal these party’s may or may not be a socialist alternative, but they all wish to portray themselves as an alternative to the corporate capitalism of Harper’s government. In that sense, the four alternative parties share their disdain for the right wing policies of the Conservatives whether its only empty rhetoric or whether it is just politicians that have lost their moral compass and will do whatever it takes to get elected.


… The Bloc are not “anti-nationalists”. If anything, the Liberals and Conservatives with their trade agreements are anti-nationalist parties. The Bloc are nationalists. They are Quebec nationalists; that’s their entire purpose.

Supporting social progams does not a leftist party make. The Nazis were not a leftist party, the democrats are not a leftist party. Also, I wasn’t aware the Bloc was advocating for free tuition.


This goes a little beyond “pressure from the US government”.

You may have noticed Obama blackballed Canada’s pet dirty oil pipeline? The US government is in no favour in Ottawa. What this is about is ideology, and the Harpergovermint brand of ideology out-America’s Americans. Just this week they’ve enabled the US and Canada to ‘swap’ border guards - national differences are giving way to ‘making smooth’ the path of big business and the ‘continental economy’…

Canada will have itself the best security-state money can buy - if it can’t afford anything else. Most of that ‘new’ security points inward, as opposed to Canada’s natural role of spying on Americans because the US government can’t. But the real question is why? America spies on Canadians, and shares that info, when requested. The NSA identified the recent ‘terrorist’ shooter in Ottawa within an hour of his masked picture hitting the airwaves. Canadian security may not have known who he was but NSA had his home address. I imagine this is because there may be some things Uncle Sam keeps to himself - like about business and investment opportunities. Ottawa seems to feel the need to ‘know’ whatever is going on on the internet. I’m inclined to think this is more to enable a better business to ‘grow’ there than it is to ray ‘keeping tabs’ - something of a woeful failure to date.

Besides there us a whole ‘rump’ of Canadian ‘ignoranuses’ to be terrified into reelecting the only part y that can keep us secure from the ‘foreigner’ who immigrate to Canada so as to change everything Canadians hold Deere. We can march out the Ministers of Justice and defense, the ‘leader’ of CSIS and trot out a sojer or two to ruminate about the dangers of wearing a cloth on yer head whilst taking the citizenship oath from somebody dressed in ‘traditional’ 18th century legal get-up. With them heavy hhitters taluing about the need for more police powers it’s gotta be real serious. Almost ‘killin’ us in our beds’ serious - they used to say that of Irish Catholics.

It’s Hapergoverminmt ‘doing it’ - like bombing Iraq - because it can.