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Stopping Armageddon


Stopping Armageddon

Jeffrey D. Sachs

The United States faces a trap of its own making. For decades, this country has forcibly overthrown regimes it deemed to be hostile to US interests. North Korea fears that it is next.


" North Korea fears it is next".

If their fears come true, is Amerika next?


“If there is one lesson of history, it is to doubt the boastful pronouncements of warmongers.”

Those that promote Death and Human Suffering in place of Diplomacy and Peaceful Coexistence, must be eradicated from any positions of power in our government.


It’s more likely that we’ll “go out” because of global warming. It’s likely that “runaway” is now underway, and that, combined with the determination of our “leaders” to ignore the problem, virtually ensures that our species will soon be no more.


I’d still prefer if we didn’t blow ourselves up beforehand. Even if it is just delaying the inevitable.


Russia attacked the Ukraine? I don’t think so.


Yes, we have destabilized the climate and polluted the earth to the extent that species are rapidly disappearing in the Sixth Great Extinction. If the trend is to include our species, which as you say is looking likely, it would be better for whatever species survive to continue life on Earth that we not add radioactivity to their burden.


Operation Phoenix is already well underway in the good old US of A. DHS, NSA, ETC. We are being and have been nuked by so much bread and circuses in this country that the mere three or so percent of awakened individuals oft quoted as being prerequisite to change is difficult to coalesce. As George Carlin said, “they got you by the balls.”


I don’t disagree with anything that you have said here Rakal, however I am perplexed why so many in this country continue to vote to support the Duopoly parties that not only embrace the concept of nuclear weapons as a means to an end, rather than supporting the only political party that I know of that has nuclear disarmament as part of it’s platform.

I think the majority have not yet evolved enough from our caveman days to be worthy of being allowed to continue to make mistakes of this magnitude.

Perhaps I’m just disheartened by their ignorance.

Perhaps it’s their lack of consideration for their children’s right to a peaceful world in which to live and raise families.


Yep, I stopped reading on that propaganda point.


The really sad truth is that it will not be We, who blow ourselves up, it will be the Warmongering politicians that We (the majority that keeps them in power), do.

That distinction is one that escapes most humans.


I guess it depends on how much you place the burden of responsibility in such an event. Some might say that at least some of the responsibility will fall on the populace at large for not doing enough to stop such warmongers.


I rarely listen to anything Jeffrey Sachs has to say, nor Juan Cole.


Obviously North Korea will not disarm under threat, of course.

It is interesting, though not at all comforting, to review these things in the light of Daniel Ellsberg’s new The Doomsday Machine. At the risk of sounding like an ad or something, this has to be about as good a view of the terrors of high institutional decision-making that we are likely to get.


A great related analysis on the dangers and failures of our foreign policy here.


Russia-gate explained! In Russian (click on cc for subtitles)!




Livy, whom we know as the historian of Rome, wondered whether the people of the Roman Empire were not:

‘in love with death, both individual and collective’.

Today, that is a question to be addressed to the American people.

You cannot say one thing and do another - and maintain credibility.

I just heard the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news.

He was calling for yet more stringent economic sanctions on North Korea, another pack animal response. The Prime Minister of Canada - no different.

Economic sanctions are acts of war - in reality we are at war with any and all whom we sanction.

We ‘assume virtues that we do not in fact possess’.

Tillerson had the right idea - no pre-conditions at all - just meet.

Overruled by the pack.


Everything is going to change when China enters the war.


Yeah. Whose side will they take?..


Fanfuckingtastic video!!! The u.s. paranoia is clearly revealed. The sarcasm had me in hysterics.