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'Stopping Cuts Isn't Enough': Sanders Joins Over 150 Democrats to Launch 'Expand Social Security Caucus'


'Stopping Cuts Isn't Enough': Sanders Joins Over 150 Democrats to Launch 'Expand Social Security Caucus'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Republican Party continues to be quite explicit about its ultimate goal of slashing the safety net to pay for deficit-exploding tax cuts for their wealthy donors, Sen.


Deficit expansion benefits are mostly going to the top 1 %.

Bring back the 90 % tax bracket.


My Social Security is $656 a month. Guess that makes me “dignified”, eh?


It’s outrageous. My Democrat Senator from Missouri - Claire MCCaskill is not part of the Expand Social Security Caucus.


This is great, but the Dims are going to have to fight for serious (gasp!) tax increases to fund it. I bet they will be silent on it. As it is SS tax is flat rate and regressive and does not tax “unearned” (investment income. So if these people aren’t totally-owned by Wall St., they will demand the following:

  1. Take the tax "cap"off so the rich have to pay more;
  2. Tax ALL INCOME;
  3. Graduate the tax so it is truly progressive;
  4. Set minimun benefits at $25K current dollars and max at $50K;
  5. Means test so the rich don’t get anything;
  6. End the state replacement taxes programs for public workers, so everyone pays in;
  7. End double-dipping so elected officials can’t draw their massive pensions. SS ifs fine for them too.
  8. Stop taxing benefits.

If these things are done - even if only some of them are, decent benefits are entirely affordable and even the rich won’t notice a big difference. And there will be massive surpluses for future generations.

But the Dims never seriously talk about progressive taxation because it threatens them (as millionaires) and their Oligarch, plutocrat and corporate sponsors.


Oh silly you. This is a “safety net.” Don’t you feels safe? if you’re lucky that covers your rent.


Yes but the military budget must also be cut to bear bones along with taxing thoses who actually have the wealth.


Always the Democratic naysayer. How much are the Republicans paying U?


150 out of approximately two fifty. Gee I wonder who the other hundred are who are not supporting it are? But I probably already know…


The idea is to strip your income, strip your free speech, and strip away your right to defend yourself while living in a hyper militarized police state. Our voices no longer count for anything in reality. The US citizens have become this governments enemies. The pushback has been a whimper.


Not true. Just take the S.S. cap off. There are ways to leverage power. If you get some, that is.
The GP can’t because they’re powerless. As in nada. Unless, you think power comes from being a boats’ anchor and not its’ motor. Do you???


Actually it would have surprised me to no end if she was.


That pretty much sums it up nicely. Personally I would have used the word slaves in stead of enemy, but the point I believe is the same.


Hope you get a pension also. Let’s see the rethugs want to end social security- they want to cull the herd so to speak and get rid of the 99%. Aren’t they of great “character?” Also with Dump it’s more important to argue about the number of people who died in the hurricanes in PR- rather than care about the people themselves. This person and his ilk are very bad “humans.”


At least in the 1960’s people had a spine. I am glad I lived during that time. There is no pushback because either people are afraid or they have become too “comfortable” or just plain stupido.


She does not deserve to be in office. She can have her salary cut and not be voted back into office.


Agreed. However, moving away from the war industry will not only save many lives but money we need for other human needs and the dismantling of a system of global capitalism that profits from its life negating aims.


(Sarcasm alert) “Fortunately” I got a bit fucked-up in Vietnam and am getting a benefit or I would be in a tent (I’m rural) or dead.


Another way to reduce benefits is with red tape. I had an interview recently. Wrong category for that interviewer. Waiting for another interviewer to contact me.


Another way to reduce benefits is with misinformation. There were a dozen different websites , each with a different set of guidelines on who and how to apply for SSA.