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'Stopping Cuts Isn't Enough': Sanders Joins Over 150 Democrats to Launch 'Expand Social Security Caucus'


It’s too late to do it this year, but when the Dems achieve a majority, it will be time for a thorough primary purge of all corpo-dems.


Big agreement with demands #1 and #2 for sure. The rate should have been tied to inflation in the first place, but wasn’t - I’m sure this provision and the cap were concessions to the wealthy. Same with not including investment income.


Great list.

I’d add fence off Social Security/Medicare from any other program.

Both ‘sides’ keep looking for (and usually finding) different ways to take the SS ‘tax’ money and use it outside. Usually indirectly, but abusing it nonetheless.

And since they each take their turn at massive spending when given the opportunity, the efforts to use SS money more broadly and blur the lines becomes even more desirable. Personally, I’d say go all the way one way or the other. Either honestly fence it and stop using it for other purposes or just accept it is part of general revenue.

Any budget is both income and expense. Revenue and expenditures. Taxes and spending.

Both parties passed massive spending bill each of the last two times they took full control. And on the last massive spending bill they cooperated and jointly, gleefully, passed a pork-filled bill with plenty for all to fuel mid-term reelection rewards to lobbyist’s bribes.

It is popular to talk about just the revenue - because it distracts people from looking at the reality of both ‘sides’ continually spending more and more. We fall for it, so they keep doing it.

Higher taxes really won’t help much (or for long) while spending keeps rising too. On the other ‘side,’ tax cuts certainly can’t help while spending keeps rising.


Technically, they are separate budgets, but the SS budget has always been used to hide deficit spending in other areas and provides a huge bank for the corrupt Duopoly to “borrow” from. Medicare is technically in deficit, but going to real single payer (HR 676) would pretty much erase most of the deficit and small progressive taxes could take care of the rest.

And then there is the monster that no Duopoly politician will honestly talk about – the U.S. imperial military which conducts endless war against the world. Since 9/11, its official budget has doubled. So halving that would be a good place to start.


Bernie is still all we have. Thank you Bernie.


Translation: 63% of Senate dems don’t care about people on Social Security.


So where were the tax increases to pay for the $29 Trillion to bail out bankers?

“Researchers at the University of Missouri found that the Federal Reserve gave over $29 trillion to the banks.”


So what you’re basically saying is eliminate the current rationale and structure of Social Security.

Social Security as it stands now is effectively a defined benefit pension - you and your employer are required to make contributions based on a covered wage base. Your benefit is based on: a) your covered wages and b) the length of time you’re participating in the system.

What you’re proposing is effectively a guaranteed annual income paid out of general taxes.