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Stopping ISIS: Follow the Money


Stopping ISIS: Follow the Money

Peter Van Buren

Wars are expensive. The recruitment and sustainment of fighters in the field, the ongoing purchases of weapons and munitions, as well as the myriad other costs of struggle, add up.

So why isn’t the United States going after Islamic State’s funding sources as a way of lessening or eliminating their strength at making war? Follow the money back, cut it off, and you strike a blow much more devastating than an airstrike. But that has not happened. Why?



FINALLY! Russian Airstrikes destroy ISIS oil refueling plant and fuel tankers


Daesh is useful to Erdogan at this time, so Turkey winks at the trade in oil and people going thru its' territory to join up with the former. Where the rubber will hit the road is when Erdogan goes thru his rumored intention of reestablishing the Caliphate with Istanbul as its' capital in a redux of the Ottoman Empire with him as the Caliph.


If we had a CIA that was focused on stopping terrorism this is what they would have been doing long ago. Its obvious their more interested in creating turmoil around the world than preventing it. The economy is sluggish,we just need a little war to get things going. The stock market has taken off since the Paris attacks-and its interesting to watch the commentators on CNBC,they don't want to say the obvious-the stock market loves war.


ISIS is making A profit on bootleg crude while BP and Exxon etc. are selling our overseas military, gasoline, for $400.00 A gallon, at the taxpayers expense- Big Oil has gotta love these conflicts as they are laughing all the way to the bank!!!
I remember during my whistleblower case involving BP, the main Government Debarment Judge stating that she couldn't pull British Petroleum's U.S. Government Vendors License because Mr. Bush had A War going on that needed fuel- The very next day I read TWO Dept. of Defense Reps. call bullshit, saying that there were plenty of Vendors out there and BP we could do without- This was during the Deep Water Horizon gusher in the Gulf-


Lesson learned from ending the Viet Nam occupation:

Eternal war equals eternal revenue for the military industrial complex.


Here is some useful evidence which indicates these 'terror operations' are in reality 'false flag operations' designed to create fear of a scapegoat enemy and garner support for further war on the axis-of-oil-bearing Middle East region. Just do a Youtube search on the title:
A global act of false flag terror - on tour: Ole Dammegard

Editor: I don't expect you to put your career on the line by printing this material. However, you may wish to peruse the collected material on your own time.
I compiled plenty of evidence to raise doubts about the 'official story' being given us regarding the recent terrorism in Paris.

Just google search the topic: Paris Attacks and US arming of ISIS - Woollam


And it was perfect timing: just before the climate negotiations start. People who marched from all over Europe have been stopped from entering the city as a group, so there will be nothing on the media except the blah blah and excuses we all know enough to expect.