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Stopping Mass Shootings: Less Finger Pointing, More Action

Stopping Mass Shootings: Less Finger Pointing, More Action

Rivera Sun

In the wake of yet another school shooting, everyone from ordinary citizens to pundits to politicians seems to be engaged in one of our favorite and least effective responses: finger pointing and passing blame. It's like a toxic and deadly game of hot potato. The NRA shrieks and throws the blame onto mental health. Mental health advocates holler and toss it toward schools and parenting. Teachers and parents reel in grief and horror and throw the issue at politicians.

But Rivera, you are asking America to grow up, to become adults. It ain’t gonna happen. Oh how I wish they would.


Sailor J speaks the truth.
Thanks Rivera



This author decries taking positions on this issue as “finger pointing”, yet details the very positions people are taking on the issue, things people are pointing their fingers at rightly, that need to be changed.

Well, at least someone sits atop a pedestal seeing the big picture.


Just a few months ago there was one of the worst mass shootings in US history-and it didn’t happen in a school----why is this not part of the discussion???

And why are we not having a national discussion about the violence happening in Chicago–could it be that this involves African Americans and NO one wants to talk about how lily white Indiana plays a key role in supplying Chicago with all these guns.

Ban all assault weapons!


So awesome! Thanks for this “justbreathe!!!”

And how about we get Sailor J and Emma Gonzalez up on the same stage? Talk about a Power Duo.

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I agree with the points you made. I would like to add one more, that may be considered finger pointing. Some European Americans have always cited that African Americans sold their own into slavery, and therefore no reparations was warranted from whites. European Americans who like to repeat that excuse, wanted all to believe that such a thing is unique to blacks.

It is now clear to me, how often and easily such unconscionable outrages happen in all human groups. All of the groups you cited are arguing to maintain their positions, or remaining silent, because they stand to gain more millions, in-spite of the fact that many will continue to suffer year after year. The worst thing is that Africans could be excused for not knowing what was happening to their exported citizens once they left Africa. The relatively few who approved of selling their citizens and fellow Africans could also argue that they did not take boatloads of human cargo to seek buyers. It was Europeans who sailed to their shores with sophisticated weapons of violence, who tricked them into thinking they were doing something less evil than the enslavement in which their fellow Africans were ensnared.

So as in slavery, where white people felt no compassion or remorse for the evil they were profiting from with black humans, so too those in every industry you mentioned above, will have no concern for the suffering being endured by their fellow white citizens (in the cases of school shootings), or the medical and pharmaceutical industry, which are knowingly keeping fellow humans hooked on drugs.