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Stopping the Doomsday Machine


Stopping the Doomsday Machine

Peter Prontzos

To say that the New York Times made history in 1971 when it published the “Pentagon Papers” would be an understatement for many reasons. In addition to telling the world how the U.S. government had consistently lied about the reasons for its invasion of Vietnam, the publication of the “Papers” also ignited an epic struggle to preserve freedom of the press to report the truth in spite of the efforts of the government to promote its “fake news”.


It is not a question of “if” miscalculation will occur, it is only a question of “when”. There are too many nukes in the wrong hands, the US included.


Pure insanity by the depraved criminals in power worldwide, more so right here in the US. They lay awake at night scheming on how to eliminate mankind to enrich themselves. Apparently a capitalism endgame.


The whole of our political history demonstrates that military power in what underpins democracy and the nation state. So long as that is the case it remains wholly implausible to imagine that “the doomsday machine” might be stopped or dismantled by any existing political process. With the only possible exception being that a nuclear exchange takes place and what is left of civilization is thus convinced to renounce their use. And even that would not be a sure certainty. And so before that happens, one might ask, what would be the measure of accountability and fear necessary to bring about the end of the doomsday machine? For those who might be interested, there are some interesting ideas on that subject at the link below.


This narrative of the costs of military spending has got to change to the profits of military spending. Until the murderous defense, (actually war offense contractors) corporations and people that are the beneficiary’s of these egregious, war profits are addressed… nothing will change. These war profiteers have been able to hide behind spending and costs for far to long.


With our current president and people like Bolton and other insane war mongers in his administration, probably not until they have been used!



The only thing that can stop a bad nuke is a good nuke. /S