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#STOPTrumpCare Call-In Day Fights Republican Secrecy


#STOPTrumpCare Call-In Day Fights Republican Secrecy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the wake of news that Senate Republicans are planning to send their version of Trumpcare to the Congressional Budget Office without releasing it to the public, Indivisible is urging people in every state to ramp up the pressure on their elected officials Wednesday, which the group has declared "National #STOPTrumpCare Call-In Day."


Senate Republicans just passed 500 million dollar arms deal to Saudi to use against starving children and civilians in Yemen. WHO declares major cholera outbreak in Yemen. We should be sensitive to the staffers who work for the Republican Organization which is bringing misery and suffering to Americans and peoples globally. Yes. Right!


My phone calls have focused on Improved Medicare For All: dignified, based on your actual income, equitable, and the one plan that does not pit one group to resent another since everyone will have equal access to care.


Why let all those sneaky Republican representatives & senators off the hook by calling it 'TrumpCare'?
It's the 'RePooplican Un-American Health Care Act', pure and simple – or 'PoopCare', for short.


The sleeze of the Republicans is beyond measure. The Senate Republicans have kept their health bill secret, even from their Democrat colleagues, but Trump gets to see it!