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Stores Accused of Price Gouging in Wake of Hurricane Harvey


Stores Accused of Price Gouging in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what is being denounced as a blatant attempt to "take advantage" of Hurricane victims to "make easy money," several stores throughout Houston, Texas—the area hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey—are steeply hiking prices on bottled water, Grit Post's Ken Klippenstein reported Tuesday.


When we need a tug on the heart

We get a turn of the stomach


Ghouls…feeding off the misery of fellow human beings. SICK!


Not that fettered capitalism is great shakes. It just covers up the immorality of that particular political economy.


Ah, the “invisible hand” of “free markets” at work. Supply and demand and all that. Aint Capitalism wonderful?


The people selling that water are Ayn-Randian capitalist supermen" - creative and energetic and handsome men who seize the day and create great things for themselves and only themselves! They get rich! They live the dream!!! The flabby, ugly, poeple - especially meddlesome government bureaucrats who might impose unfair laws against the wealthy creative class supermen doing whatever they want, in an ideal world, would all perish!


Greed is intrinsic to all animals … plants make food from the sun … animals steal and kill … it’s our team.


I hope someone will make a list of these scumbags, so that we can boycott them. Since they love money so much, that will be the most painful payback.

I will never patronize Best Buy again. That is not a threat, it’s a promise!


Many species of animals notably many canids, many bird species, and all the great apes including humans up until a few thousand years ago are socially organized and do not steal food from each other.