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Stories of Mother Love


Stories of Mother Love

Marian Wright Edelman

“They didn’t want me to have Walter because of my age. But I finally convinced them that age has nothing to do with love…What I had to give was love. And that’s what Walter needed... I never doubted that I could help Walter. Never, if they gave me the chance. If you have the courage and the faith and the strength God will do the rest.”


We all know who really wields power on this planet.
Its Mothers.
Look no further than Barbara, the one of the barbarisms in pointed heels fame.

The mothers in the article are constructors, builders and stringers together of society.
But the other side of this classification has created the hell we are currently in.

Let us not use a shopping and marketing label to celebrate Hillaries.
Let us celebrate those that build, construct and string together.


"His mother was addicted to crack cocaine before he was born and Walter spent time in foster"

We are obviously not celebrating that mother.