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Stormtroopers For the Empire


Stormtroopers For the Empire

We tend to forget, but Veterans Day originally marked the Armistice ending World War 1 and the common fervent wish that, "May it be the last of the empires!" For too many instead, writes a veteran of Iraq, "you fight, you kill, you watch friends die...(you come to) hate the murder being carried out in your name, (you) realize that you (were) carrying a spear for empire, and you start to accept the startlingly obvious truth that these are people like you."


Like famine and disease, war is nature's response to the overpopulation and wealth concentration conservatives foment.


I'm sorry Natureboy, but it has never been shown that war is an outcome of any natural law, as is no natural law responsible for the human behavior that created the concentration of wealth you referenced, a condition that obviously includes a vase array of societal injustices for it to exist in the first place. As for overpopulation creating war due to the taxing of finite resources, that is be but one kind of precondition that is used by perverse human behavior to initiate a war but again not by a direct response to any 'law of nature'. It's the 'WHYS' of human behavior that are at the heart of wars. The 'WHYS' of human behavior are also incredibly interesting, as one might imagine. But they are also incredibly difficult, maybe beyond our ability to discover. Nature gave us that reality that is us but none for war. If you know of any please don't keep it a secret.


There may be other causes of war, like religion, but I
think, most often, it has been about economic competition.
Feudal empires, Portugal and Spain, fought over territory,natural resources, and cheap labor (slavery) in South America, and were mediated by the Pope.
In this century and the last, capitalist economic competition escalated from ladder- tournaments of small
businesses, into larger businesses' competitions, into military competition between the economic pyramids (empires).
And now the weaponry has escalated to nuclear, and other high tech weapons, endangering most life on the planet.
But the rules of capitalism dictate: compete ever more efficiently and viciously, and expand your empire till you take the entire planet. No truce. No mercy.
Economic truce/cooperation/socialism are the antidote to the capitalist juggernauts.
Several months ago, the Pope and numerous intellectuals warned that it wasn't just climate change that threatens our existence- the danger of nuclear war never went away, and is getting worse- with the never-ending wars and brinkmanship that we Americans tolerate from "our" "leaders", perhaps more so- with "Democratic" "leaders".
There is plenty of violence in the natural world, with carnivores and competition for food, water and mates.
But we humans, with our big brains, dwarf that violence with our wars, and haven't yet convinced enough of our fellows of the need to establish an economic truce, and a system that replaces competition with cooperation.
The hour is getting late. Our planet may have just decades before it is no longer habitable.
I find that I can cut through the old Cold War commie-phobia by pointing out that Einstein
(yeah, the dumb guy!) was a socialist, along with Helen
Keller, George Bernard Shaw, Pablo Picasso, John Lennon, and many other decent, distinguished people.
Such personal endorsements from trusted people- often
are more persuasive than reasoned arguments, unfortunately. So I use them! (Well, I try both!)
I invite those who are supporting the "socialist" Sanders,
as he corrals back into the (capitalist) "Democratic" party-
the large number who sat out the last election because
they were dismayed with the "Democrats' " failure to deliver peace, jobs, justice, and environmental sanity.
I invite people who are looking for answers to check out
whatever socialist groups you can find where you live,
and look up different groups on-line, and compare them,
and learn all you can.
There are different schools of thought among socialists,
but hopefully, with more people getting involved, healthy
debate will advance the better ideas. That's how democracy is supposed to work. Not perfect, no one is,
but it's the best approach. And you will probably learn a
good bit from ANY socialist group, but intellectual integrity
demands an exploration of ALL the options.
In the meantime, I recommend building the Green Party,
which REFUSES corporate money. (Sanders may refuse
corporate money, but he is steering people back into a
party that DOES take lots of corporate money. And remember his pledge to support Hillary-NAFTA/WalMart/kill welfare/SinglePayer-iss-verboten/and endless war, if/when she gets the nomination.)


Enjoyed your thoughts- but I do not agree that the whys of human behaviour are beyond our grasp. I believe that we see these whys unfold every day, decade after decade. The whys that we see and know are partly produced by individual choice, and partly from the systems we live in that we have collectively created. It appears to me that the systems in place in the U.S. and Canada function to coerce individual choice to some degree, as everyone wishes to survive. Capitalism pervasively coerces - play the game or starve.
But we also see that our cultures are corrupted by how we choose to think and act. By not committing ourselves to honesty, peace, nonviolence, by not eradicating poverty and wiping out the need to lie, cheat, steal and fight for the necessities of life, we have chosen to augment our own suffering thinking this is happiness. So the whys are all there right in front of us - no mystery, except to wonder at how we choose to perpetuate the lies and misery while we claim innocence. The system changes when people take responsibility for changing what is broken. The corrupted system continues lurching onward when the status quo continues in centrist thinking.


I give any military underling the honor they deserve, that they were tricked into 'defending their own 'false honor' ', after being lied to by Imperialistic Narcissists. 150 years of corporate wars have turned this society into idiots willing to fight against their own best interests. The so called leaders of this world are pathetic 'welfare' pricks subsidized by mostly unwilling, trampled on slaves.


We HAVE to have a Democrat if for no other reason than for new members of the Supreme Court. The new President could end up choosing 3-4 new applicants. You have 2 choices for that in logistical reality. We have one year to show folks that if they choose ReThugliCon they have one foot in the grave.