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Stormy Daniels Details Threats Made by Trump's Associates in Effort to Keep Her Quiet About Affair


Stormy Daniels Details Threats Made by Trump's Associates in Effort to Keep Her Quiet About Affair

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a long-awaited interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" on Sunday night, adult film star Stormy Daniels detailed a brief sexual relationship she says she had with President Donald Trump and potentially-illegal efforts and threats made by Trump and his associates to keep her quiet about the affair.


The problem is that many of the Trumpenfuhrer’s idiot supporters will not be swayed by this interview. In fact, I would imagine that some of the men will think it pretty cool that The Donald was fucking a porn star, even though these supposed “family values” Republicans would have damned Obama if he had done exactly the same thing. These people are contemptible ideological hypocrites and they more and more resemble a cult.
Just remember that with Rethugs it is -
Ideology before facts and party before country. Their name for themselves is a complete and breathtaking lie and I consider them to be a party that is treasonous in its intent.


What we know so far: DJT not only is into porn stars but also into violence against women …


I’m glad 60 Minutes is all over this important story and ignoring the fluff of the Middle East wars that are over fifteen years going; the amount of homeless on the increase; people dying because single-payer is not “doable”; that people are barely making ends meet working 2 - 3 jobs at low wages; that WW III is just around the corner. Yep…Priorities!


Oh the tangled web we weave when we try to deceive…I got to say this is hilarious. It’s absolutely just as funny as Monica and the cigar. Personally I don’t care who a President sleeps with. If it keeps him happy and away from the doomsday briefcase I consider it to be, to each his own.

I remember when the Republicans literally stopped the world for two years because Bill got a blowjob. But Trump banging a porn-star and paying her 130K to keep her mouth shut and it’s boys will be boys. They hypocrisy is staggering.


Beyond pitiful that it could take something like this to threaten this madman’s presidency! It’s akin to nailing a mass serial killer for jaywalking.


Or Al Capone for tax evasion.


Whatever it takes to add ammunition to the movement to get this malignant narcissist out of the White House I’m all for. I don’t begrudge 60 minutes a little FOX style news entertainment once in a while.


Well then, let’s stop the Mueller investigation and impeach Trump for sleeping with the adult porn star before he became president. This is a huge threat to our national security and world peace.

The main stream media will cover anything except for what is important. But I’m sure that the Trump haters will be talking about this for weeks while they ignore the genocide that’s happening in Yemen or the increasing number of civilians that are being killed wherever our military is playing. Or the possibility of war with Iran on Israel’s bidding.

I’m just surprised that it wasn’t Putin who threatened her to make sure that Trump became president and become his puppet.



YES! Mideast wars, homeless Americans, low wages, and people dying without healthcare ARE important stories, but I think more important at this moment is to expose the party (and its slimy candidates) that focuses its attention fully upon adding to the woes of of the many to feather the nests of the few. Trump is just their latest dork. Before him they saw to the appointment (NOT election) of GW Bush: Mr Iraqi war crimes. Before him they subjected us to another Bush: Poppy Bush: any idea how he got that nickname? Before the Poppy Pusher was an election-stealing “October Surprise” thug named Reagan. Before Reagan, their henchman was a figure in the Kennedy Assassination coverup by the name of Gerald Ford, who had been put in place when justice caught up with Richard Nixon, former Vice President of the Dwight Eisenhower who had the CIA destabilizing countries and assassinating democratically-elected leaders all over the world. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE?

I think it is VITAL for the future of the USA to shift our attention off foreigners like Putin, and put it on the REAL enemy of the people of the USA, which is proven to be The Republican Party. Put ALL of the leaders of the Republican Party in Guantanamo and experience a safer world.


CJust as I expected. Daily kos was once known for its coverage of important issues that were happening in politics and it used to be strongly anti war. Until Obama became president that is. Now that site has morphed into a Trump tabloid where they spend all day talking about what Trump tweets, says, does or is going to be doing. Finding any coverage of important issues is very difficult.

They live blogged this show and they have two diaries talking about it.

More damage than what Mueller could do? Seriously? I guess to them having an affair is treason these days. Or something …


Wow, you’re right! All those republicans have done so much damage to this country because of how they favored their donors and especially the defense companies. But both Clinton and Obama looked out for the middle and lower classes. How could I have missed this? Oh wait … they didn’t.

Every president has put the 1%'s interests ahead of ours. You mentioned Bush and his Iraq war, yet you didn’t mention Obama and his Libyan one. Both were done on false pretenses, but for some reason no one mentions that Obama’s warmongering was just as heinous. And guess what? Both parties are just as complicit in the global war of terror. Let’s not forget that Obama deported more immigrants than any other president. Combined!


Trump may have fucked Stormy, but it sure looks like Stormy is going to fuck Trump, in the end.


… and will go to any length to get what he wants.


I fully concur with you statement above. It is undeniably true!


Looks to me like Trump is in for Stormy weather!


I agree. The Republican party needs to go the way of the Whig party and its name should be changed to: THE BENEDICT ARNOLD PARTY!


where is the press when women come forward about being raped by William jefferson clinton? Broke when they left the WH and now the criminal duo has hundreds of millions. Anyone voting for a D or R deserves this garbage.


We actually watched this this evening – but not sure the end of the story – more somewhere?

Anyone think that we will see Trump come to the aid of his lawyer who says that HE paid the
$130,000 out of his own pocket for the GAG on Stormy.

If Trump returned the $130,000 to his lawyer then the lawyer is off the hook.

But then Trump is on the hook.

What has been made clear is that Trump is willing to use violence to keep any of these
women from actually telling their stories.

And that the lawyer was certainly working in Trump’s legal interests when the money was
paid out – and likely it was Trump’s money.


You think the press were passive about the Lewinsky affair?

Or the Paula Jones affair?

Do agree with you that both national parties are owned by the same Elite/wealthy
which equals corporate-fascism. Voting for either party is a waste of time, imo.