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Stormy Daniels is a Feminist Heroine


Stormy Daniels is a Feminist Heroine

Krystal Ball

Like many Americans, I watched Stephanie Clifford (AKA Stormy Daniels) on “60 Minutes” on Sunday night and finally reached the point where I couldn’t keep silent on this any longer. As a person whose physicist dad and Montessori pre-school mom gave her a “porn star” birth name, I have had the porn star joke my entire adult life.


This article makes no convincing argument, at all, to this reader, about its thesis. It lowers the standards for defining heroism to a super superfluous level…and it insults feminism with its super narrow interpretation within the confines of a corrupted extreme capitalistic society. Please CD, keep up your standards.


I thought the basic premise of feminism was to dispose of the notion that women are sex objects. I have some regard for Stormy Daniels, but not as a feminist.


We might see them [porn stars] as people doing the best they can.

Or we might not. Certainly not in many, many cases. The industry exploits young men and women in ways that they do not fully understand and from which many never recover.

And would Krystal really want her mother or daughter or sister to be a porn actress? When is that choice “the best” someone can do? Or is that a choice that Krystal finds acceptable for “other” people?

Is Stormy a feminist heroine? Stormy is taking a stand in a he-said, she-said dispute about having consensual sex with a married man to whom she was not attracted and from whom she took $130,000 to remain silent.

It is hard to see a hero in this tale.

It is easier to see two opportunists.


Wow. Just…

If this author is sincere, then those around her have failed miserably as friends. No, being a porn pusher immediately disqualifies one as either a “feminist” or a “hero”.
Much of porn is nothing more than rape. The days of “glamour modeling” have long since passed. Playboy was once held up high as a standard of acceptable pornagraphy, even though it was still nothing more than glossy sexism. The porn that Clifford profits from? Girls being attacked. Seriously, watch some documentaries (that aren’t just porn shill productions) and rethink your stance. Those girls, and even some of the guys, are physically damaged by acts of sexual violence against them. I’m being vague. There is blood, vomit, internal damage… and genuine, terrified sobbing. The girls are often groomed by “unaffiliated friends” while underage. The “friends” look for young girls with exploitable traits and situations. They almost always get them hooked on hard drugs, to keep them compliant and dependent.
They pass them around, and normalize abuse as much as they can in the mind of the victim, before they “debut” in the porn industry. Those debuts are violent more often than not. The girls have to sign the waivers if they want paid the pittance they get for being raped. They need that cash for the drugs they’re hooked on. Suicide and murder are not uncommon in porn.
Porn is not positive.


No. Just no. (groan!)

Stormy Daniels (and the Playboy model McDougal or whatever) are speaking out strictly to benefit themselves financially because they feel financially cheated (and maybe romantically in the case of McDougal - who (ugh!) was actually attracted to Trump). McDougal (and probably Daniels) are right-wing in their political views and voted for Trump. They are about as “feminist” as Ann Coulter or Dana Loesh, or KellyAnne Conway.


While your condemnation of the porn industry may be true I really don’t see why that means that Adult film stars should be regarded less worthy of respect than many of the sociopaths that populate politics, business and the cable news shows who often do much more damage to the world and other people with what they do and say. I think that is the essence of Ms. Ball’s piece.


A “hero” is now understood in the US to mean anybody who puts on a uniform and murders strangers for money—can the standard get any lower than that?


I didn’t say what you seem to be implying that I have said.
The author clearly states that the porn “star” (using her PORN NAME instead of her ACTUAL NAME) is a “feminist hero”.

She’s not. My statement stands. You seem to have some reason for being unhappy with my criticisms of the author, or perhaps the rapists in the industry. I do not care.

Do not involve me in your apologetics for predators again.


Everyone acts in their own self-interest. These are two people acting in their own self interest, is one worse than the other? That question is based on cultural norms. And hey evangelicals don’t have a problem with it should you?


Please, not that old “axiom” of Ayn Randism (often expressed as a trite circular tautology)

People act for complicated reasons that include may other motivations than self-interest, and in healthy societies, people act for the good of their community and in accordance with the moral and ethical standards of that community, even when on the short term, it may go against their self-interest - i.e. getting rich.


Self-interest is basic to human survival and as you say far more complicated than Ayn Randism. Acting in accordance with your community would ideally also be of self-interest. Did you marry your wife to benefit your community or your own personal preference, you don’t have to say as it is just an example. It is interesting though.


I’ve felt badly for Krystal Ball’s problem with her name, and angry at her parents, since her days co-anchoring on MSNBC. But I have to say I never thought of it as a porn name, since those are (I presume) all pseudonyms chosen by those who wear them. Now I’ve lost all sympathy for Ball (who could of course change her name, or use a more professional-sounding pseudo) when she uses it to justify this headline. See all the above of you who are more clear about the meanings of “feminist” and “hero.”


Her parents named her ?

I assumed that Krystal Ball is a pseudonym.

Some parents have no empathy for their kids.


The “polite society” principle is one I’ve criticized for years, and I don’t think it’s to be taken lightly. People respect politicians because of their image of being serious and respectful, and because setting political agenda is viewed as a highly-technical, esoteric function.

Bullshit. Their political agenda is founded on greed, and enforced through murder, theft and environmental destruction (and let’s stop using phrases like “criminally complicit in safety violations” to describe people like Blankenfein–HE KILLED PEOPLE.) Look past the veneer of the fancy suit and erudite clarity of speech.

The “polite society” has made ordinary folk, and poor folk third-class citizens in our own homes. When we try to speak to politicians, we are laughed at with the implication we should leave the politics for the experts. Go watch TV, or go shopping, you’re beneath us.

The polite society nonsense is doing a tremendous amount to destroy life around the world and democracy at home. And yeah, the repugnant, deplorable Trump (yet Hillary used the word for his supporters, not Trump himself) can get away with pretending to be morally superior to a porn star.

Trump isn’t even morally superior to Jeffrey Dahmer.


And, she did it without any makeup.

Let’s see Melania without her paint.


Who in the world is “Krystal Ball”?!! Someone who apologizes for a “porno star” (whose latest tour was (is) called “Make America Horny Again”). One loony tune promoting a sleazy high priced slut is not exactly profound journalism. What a waste!


Suicide is a lot less common in porn than it is in agriculture, logging, fishing, legal professions, police, and even dentistry. Is that an argument against any of those professions?

The professions that carry the highest risk of murder are those that involve a lot of cash transactions, those where people often work alone and/or in high crime areas (eg. taxi drivers) and those involved in selling or guarding valuables.

On the various lists I’ve seen for highest risk of workplace related suicide, murder, injury, or accidental death, I’ve never seen pornography listed on any of them. And pretty much every profession that does make those lists is deemed socially acceptable.


You’re a jerk, okay?


And cars kill more than guns in the U.S. but we already know the answer to that fallacious path of logic.
Besides, I wasn’t trying to use any statistic to appeal to anyone. I didn’t even say that porn has the highest rate of any particular hazard.

You and several others seem to really feel a need to defend predatory, legal sexual exploitation and abuse. Are you part of the industry? Do you like to consume porn? Would you like to explain why someone being disgusted with how the porn industry treats people, and conditions society to accept violent misogyny is something that you will go out of your way to oppose?

I think you, and everyone who liked snowman’s comment are pigs.